Our Content Publishing Process

We understand that putting a bunch of information in a simple article isn’t help our visitors. That’s why we have developed a unique process of picking our topics and publishing content on the same topic. Our researching and writing process include:

Picking the Topic:

We constantly talk with different people from various platforms through forums and Google to find footwear-related problems. Also, our expert professionals in podiatric medicine guide us in this category with their practical experience of dealing with foot, ankle, and leg problem-related patients.

Hence, we can pick different questions and product reviews from our clients, visitors, and general people. Also, our continuous opinion sharing with several other footwear specialists and clients helps us know about the general questions and topics in the footwear industry that people will benefit from superbly.

Research & Arrangement:

Once we fix a topic to write about, our research team starts their work. Thanks to our footwear specialist team, we can gather authentic information on the topics. If it is an informative guideline, we try to cover each nook and corner.

And for product reviews, we try to give a hands-on review or at least take suggestions from experts and real-life users of the product, including work boots, hiking boots, walking and running shoes, etc. Once our research is complete, we hands-down our information to the writing team.

Writing, Checking & Publication:

Thanks to our enthusiastic writing team, they can truly convert our information into understandable content for everyone. They will write on our select topic, and then our specialists will check it. Once it gets clearance, the publication is a few clicks away.

However, we focus on integrating our specialists’ thoughts, search results and write reviews and guidelines to offer you the best web-browsing experience. Thus, we expect that it delivers you with the perfect answer to your search queries.

You might wonder who our researchers and writers are, am I right?

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Who We Are

Hey, welcome you all to TheLovelyFeet.com. I’m Jonathon, and I’ve been in the construction site sector for the last 15 years. It is a demanding industry to work in and taught me some of the hardest experiences of my life, especially with my feet. However, I’m a simple family man and love researching footwear to fulfill my thirst for knowledge.

I developed this website to help all my fellow workers, including hikers, regular persons, and others, remedy their foot conditions and diseases. Whether you face sciatica, back pain, flatfoot, bunions, or diseases like ingrown toenails, corns, plantar fasciitis, I am all ready to provide you with the best solutions to deal with these problems. I am proud of my footwear and podiatric specialist, along with the research and writing team, to offer you the best product reviews and solutions to all of your footwear issues with in-depth write-ups.

Whether you are an avid hiker, industry worker, or office goer, I promise you to provide the best boots and shoes review along with comparison, information, and suggestions on different footwear. So, join my team and me in this wonderful journey and enjoy!

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