8 Inch Vs 6 Inch Work Boots: Which One Is Best For Your Job?

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment is work boots. When it comes to footwear, many people are curious about what size they need for their feet. 

Many believe that the length is all that matters when it comes to finding comfort in work boots. Thus, the war began on 8 Inch vs 6 Inch work boots, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The width of your foot also plays an important role in determining which type of shoe you should buy. 

In this article, we will discuss the key differences between 8 Inch and 6 Inch work boots so you can make an informed decision when shopping for boots online or at a store near you!

What Is an 8 Inch Work Boot?

8 Inch work boots are a standard length in the world of work boots. They fall between seven inches and eight inches in height from the outsole to the top where laces begin. People who need extra ankle support, such as hikers or people who work outdoors are the users of these work boots. Since the extra height increases stability, it also increases safety.

What To Look For In 8-Inch Work Boots

When it comes to choosing the best 8-inch work boots, you should consider some features that help you decide the brand. You may find a lot of features but you should choose the work boots based on your job requirements. Some of the coolest features of 8-inch work boots are: 

  • Carbon fiber toe.
  • Steel or non-metallic shanks (depends on your job requirements). 
  • Comfort insole. 
  • Goodyear Welting construction facility. 
  • Waterproof boots.
  • Anti-fatigue midsole. 
  • Ultra-hardy CarbonShield composite safety toes.
  • Padded ankles for stability. 
  • Oil- and slip-resistant outsoles.
  • Full-grain leather & shock absorption footbed. 

What Is a 6 Inch Work Boot?

A 6-inch work boot is a type of work boot that can be worn in a variety of professional situations, including construction sites and general maintenance. It is slightly smaller than the large 8-inch work boot.

A 6-inch work boot will provide comfort for all-day wear, ankle support to prevent injury when climbing or working at high ladders, and protection from falling objects, spilled chemicals, and electrical hazards. 

It usually has a steel toe to protect the foot from objects that may fall on it, such as nails or heavy machine parts. Additionally, having a steel toe in your work boot can protect your toes from becoming crushed by machinery when operating it, particularly during an emergency situation where another worker may not be aware of your presence.

What To Look For In 6-Inch Work Boots

A good 6-inch work boot has a long list of great features. In most cases, people who love to wear smaller work boots, choose the 6-inch boots. Here’s a quick summary of what you should look for in a 6-inch work boot:

  • Shorter boot height for more comforts. 
  • Feature odor control.
  • Super lightweight with plastic toe cap.
  • Maintain electrical hazard standards, depending on your job requirements.
  • Slip-resistant soles.
  • Sweat-wicking interior, keeping your feet dry on the inside. 
  • Oil-resistant rubber traction outsoles. 
  • Injection-molded midsoles for support.
  • Nylon or leather uppers.
  • Metallic or non-metallic shanks, depending on your job requirements.
  • Oil-resistant outsoles.
  • Open-cell foam cushioning.
  • Polishable toes, if your uniform regulations require it.
  • Rigid or semi-rigid heel and toe reinforcement.
  • Slip-resistant outsoles.

8 Inch vs 6 Inch Work Boots: Key Differences

8 Inch Work Boots6 Inch Work Boots
Based on Moisture- wicking Liner DesignBased on Injection-molded Design
Oil and Slip-resistant OutsolesSlip-resistant Outsoles
Ensures Better Protection Ensures Better Flexibility  
Phylon Material UppersolesPure Leather or Nylon Uppersoles
Best For Wet WorkSpaceBest For Farming and Construction Sites


Based on the length of the work boots, you can easily differentiate two types of boots – 8-inch work boots and 6-inch work boots. If you can trace the outsole to the top where laces begin, you will find the difference between an 8-inch work boot and a 6-inch work boot.


When the topic comes to the comfort point, 8-inch work boots look way more comfortable and best for walking in challenging places. Moreover, it is easy to wash, supports the ankles smoothly, and most importantly, the bigger height makes it an advantage to keep the boot safe from dusty air. 

On the contrary, 6-inch aims to provide better flexibility in any weather conditions. It is better to use uneven terrains to get the best support indeed.


Depending on the physical construction and strong security, 8-inch is made heavier and unsuitable for heavy-duty workers. Generally, heavy-duty construction workers work throughout the day and even at night too. So, they need to wear a lightweight and flexible work boot to relieve their feet from all the sides.

So, if you don’t feel comfortable carrying heavy-weight work boots, then 6-inch would be a great decision. 

8 Inch vs 6 Inch Work Boots: Which Jobs Fit The Right Length

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) released strong and strict rules for wearing safety work boots at heavy-duty workstations. Actually, these rules intend to protect the worker’s feet from several injuries. Moreover, they also said that safety toe protective boots should have leather uppers, oil, and slip-resistant soles features, and those work boots must pass the impact resistance level with a 75% successful rate. 

Before you choose your favorite work boots between 8 inch vs 6 inch, we request you to check the below notes so that you stay in the positive zone:

8 inch vs 6 inch work boots

Construction Work

As a construction worker, you must go for using the 6-inch work boots compared to the higher ones. Honestly, heavy-duty workers have no particular work time limit. So, whenever they get their project at day or even at night, they need to keep the work boots for an uncertain period. That’s why choosing a high-quality 6-inch work boot to enjoy better flexibility and lightweight in any harsh situations.  

Hiking and Entertainment Purpose

The 8-inch boot is ideal, especially for those who love to travel, go hiking, and visit tracking places. Because most of the time, travelers need to expose their legs, and they go through challenging areas where several challenges come and pass by. So, it is necessary to protect the feet and legs from any rough and tough weather conditions. This is why keeping an 8-inch boot is a great idea indeed. 

Industrial Works 

When you work in the industrial area, you need to follow the latest fashion and wear fashionable clothes and footwear.Actually, this is the best way to look formal and attract new local and foreign clients. Today’s people taste differently and they emphasize greatly on their appearance. So, in this case, wearing a 6-inch work boot will help you match your fashionable wardrobes and present prettier.

Security Work

The 8-inch work boots are intended to provide the best support and comfort from all sides. Being large at height points is the biggest advantage of these huge work boots. As we said earlier, an 8-inch work boot is ideal for outside activities. Those who work in windy places and serve security to particular places can wear these unique and sturdy work boots for getting a better result all the time.

Final Words

At the end of the day, it is your decision and preference which size you would like in a work boot. The 8 Inch vs 6 Inch debate will continue to wage on with no clear winner. What we can say for sure is that each has its pros and cons depending on what type of environment you are working in.

I have a keen interest in the fashion industry. Here, I will cover all the daily and fashion boot and shoe reviews, suggestions, and comparisons. Whether you want a shoe for your office or parties, my in-depth guideline will surely help you find the latest trends in the footwear industry to step above your colleagues and friends with style and comfort on your feet.

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