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Hello there, it’s me, Jonathon, a founding member and author of Boot Barn, and I welcome you to our site.

I co-founded this website with Sheren to help you find the best suggestions on different boots and shoes to offer protection and comfort to your foot. You might be interested to know why I started this blogging website and what inspired our team. Plus, you might be keen to know how we select our reviews and put up with different suggestions for different footwear and problems of your feet.

Well, I don’t have a pretty fascinating story, I guess.

But, I have…

Yes, 15+ years of experience in construction sites and the metal industry.

Wondering What The Relation Of My Experience With Footwear Blogging Is?

During my long career, I had to use various casual, working, and regular boots and shoes to protect my feet and regular uses with style. I could still remember my first pair of work boots that had blown me away with blisters and burns only in the first few hours, and I had to take a day off almost immediately. That was a horrific moment.

Also, later, I could understand the difficulty of picking the right boot for hiking as I loved going to the mountains on weekends. And finding the casual boots for friends and family meet-ups was even more difficult.

With my years of experience, I finally understood how hard it is for you to pick the right footwear. And sadly, you may hurt your fingers, feet, and knees quite badly due to improper footwear.

Long story short, I found it difficult to pick any boot for any occasion initially. So, I decided to launch Boot Barn to help people in different sectors with the best footwear suggestions.

I hope my experience of wearing different footwear during my long career would come in handy for you, irrespective of your needs of work boots, hiking boots, snow boots, or just a pair of fair casual walking boots.

Nonetheless, I know that only my experience isn’t enough for footwear industry-related suggestions. So, I constantly update myself with the newest shoes in the market and what’re researchers publish. Plus, I love feedback from different people to enrich my knowledge on footwear to serve you with my best expertise.

Work Boot Is Important:

Although Boot Barn is focused on bringing the latest updates on all of your foot-related problems along with boots and shoes, we have a dedicated segment for work boots only. It is because during my long working career in construction sites.

When I bought my first pair of boots, I was so excited that I took one that looked the best in my eyes. I ignored comfort, steadiness, and safety. And the result was pretty obvious.

The boot was heavy, filthy, and not at all comfortable but anything else. I was a nook, and it took me almost a year to know the true importance of wearing a comfy and protective pair of work boots and shoes.

With my 15+ years of experience in different working sectors, I know the difficulty in choosing the right work boot for various areas, including construction sites, metal works, carpentry, and what not! That’s why my footwear specialist team and I have decided to arrange a particular segment of our blog only for work boots.

Here, you will find solutions to different footwear problems that may come from working in demanding conditions. Also, we will review, compare and tell you the pros and cons of all the popular working boots, from the most expensive ones to the affordable work boots.

Thus, Boot Barn promises to bring a one-stop solution for all your footwear-related problems, including work boots.

However, here’s a disclaimer:

“I am not a certified physician or footwear specialist. Thus, please don’t consider my suggestions as an expert’s advice for solving different foot-related problems. I infer my recommendations based on my experience and observation. For specific problems, always consult your physicians and follow their advice for the best results.”

Nonetheless, you can count on Boot Barn because…

Of late, we are teaming up with multiple footwear specialists and experienced workers to offer the best footwear content. We aim to offer you comfy, durable, protective, and stylish footwear everywhere and anywhere.

Our commitment is to bring the best pieces of content to footwear and help you live a happy life.

Who We Are And Why Should You Trust Us?

As a blogger, I won’t hide that I earn a small amount from affiliate marketing when you buy any products from the review and recommendation lists.

Well, it doesn’t cause anything from you…

But I thank you for your support, as pulling up each content is a gigantic task, and I love it when you appreciate our works.

But, here’s another important notice:

Just because I earn commission from your purchases doesn’t mean I review unnecessary items. I try to remain unbiased and always focus on thorough research to bring the most updated piece of content and suggestion for you so that you may live a comfortable, safe, and hassle-free life, at least with concern to your footwear.

My motto is, “Wear the right footwear, enjoy it better and live the best life.”

Thus, you can trust our process of building content from scratch to a complete one to fulfill your search queries regarding all footwear necessities. You can depend on us because we believe that we have the most detailed research on each topic and the right guys to put the information in a string to present it to you with easiness in understanding and application.

And it’s time to introduce my team members to you:

The Footwear Specialist and Writing Team:

I believe that my expertise in work boots, along with the suggestions coming from our professionals, is of no use if you can’t understand them. And the only way to infer this knowledge with the easiest language for all is to have an excellent writing and researching team backed by professional footwear and podiatric specialists.

And here we have got you covered-

Williams Robert

Williams Robert – Writer & Researcher

He is our specialist and has been serving in the shoe industry for over 10 years now. He has a keen interest in the ankle, heel, and foot conditions, and he loves suggesting practical suggestions for their daily footwear issues.

Thanks to his long experience in the footwear industry, he has authentic information on different boots and shoes with in-depth knowledge on the materials used to manufacture the footwear items. So, his suggestions are invaluable, and we count them as high-rated.

He is a sport enthusiastic also, and it helps us with the sports footwear sector too. We owe him for the literally invaluable time that he gives us.


Williams Robert completed his university from Kent State University in Fashion Design, with footwear being his major. He has also completed courses on Advance Shoe Production that has further honed his knowledge.

Robert’s Interest:

  • He loves playing volleyball
  • His kitten is Lulu; a cute little Persian kitty
  • He loves it when you give feedback on his writings

Dr. Emily D. Jennifer – Writer & Researcher

Dr. Emily D. Jennifer has earned her bachelor’s degree in Podiatric Science from the California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University. Her passion for footwear and remedying people from the different foot-related problems is next to none.

We have seen her treating patients for hours, and we appreciate that she still makes time for us to share her expertise and knowledge with us. She has a mysterious career in footwear and podiatric, and she has served over 10000+ patients in this long and expansive career, not to mention successful.

She sees our footwear recommendations on special podiatric cases such as:

  • Sciatic problems
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Back pain and feet ache
  • Hammer and mallet toes
  • Bunions and twisted toes, etc.


  • California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University

Training and Short Courses:

  • Serial Casting for the Pediatric Foot & Ankle
  • Clinical Training on Footwear Safety and remedy

Emily’s Passion:

Emily is a busy professional and everyday treats multiple patients. And then she makes time for BootBarn.

But that has not limited her adventures…

She has a kid named Eliren, and you may find the due high on the Boston Mountains during the weekend. Also, don’t get surprised if you find her angling in the Lake Fork for Trout or Bass. Also, she shows a keen interest in footwear design and fashion and says, “A piece of footwear isn’t a sandal or shoe only. It expresses your true personality and saves you from serious hazards. I don’t believe that a pair of protective footwear can’t be fashionable.”


Adriana Lyons – Writer & Researcher

She is one of the researchers and writers in our ever-expansive team. She is studying Theology and Contemporary Arts at The City College of New York. She has been working with us since our beginning, and her contents are truly an amazing pieces of art.

Her language and in-depth research command are overwhelming, and we are glad to have her as a proud team member.


  • The City College of New York

Training and Short Courses:

  • A six-month course on footwear design

Adriana’s Passion:

Adriana is a keen writer on footwear. But she also has a great love for dresses and wants to establish her dress shop in the future. She always says that a man and woman wear the color they think close to their thoughts. She also loves to watch Leonardo DiCaprio and has probably seen Titanic over 50th times.


Nathan A. Griffin – Writer & Researcher

Originally a sports and adventure freak, Nathan is famous in his friend circle for his keen interest in fashionable shoes and history. His perfect blend of style and enthusiasm has helped him create unbeatable content at Boot Barn.

He aims to be one of the leading content marketers, and we hope with his thorough research on different topics, your time at Boot Barn is fruitful.


  • He has been studying Podiatric Medicine at the San Jose State University.

Nathan’s Passion:

Nathan is sports lover and has participated in his school volleyball team. Also, he loves angling in the creek of Coyote near San Jose. His priced catch was 15lbs. Bass and he is hoping to get a bigger catch soon. Do you have any angling suggestions for him?