Ariat Work Boots Review : Are Ariat Boots Good Work Boot?

If you’re someone who’s interested in horse-riding, chances are that you’ve seen almost all equestrians wearing Ariat boots. It is that moment when a sense of positivity towards the brand grows in your mind.

And there’s nothing wrong with it because the brand has to make great boots, or otherwise, why would it end up being on top of the list?

If you want to dig deeper to find out the exact answer, you’re welcome to read our Ariat work boots review! Here, you’ll find more information regarding the brand, as well as some of our top choices that you might be interested in for outdoor activities.

So, let’s get started!

About Ariat

Ariat is an American brand named after the legendary American Thoroughbred racehorse, Secretariat. This 1973 Triple Crown winner’s athletic performance and endless competitive spirit are what inspired the company to start a new journey following his name. It was founded in 1993.

Ariat is known to be the first brand to integrate athletic footwear technology into English and Western horse-riding boots. Since then, the brand has garnered mass attention from equestrians around the world.

Being a leader in the development of advanced technologies, Ariat ensures all the products are capable of meeting the demands of people working in different environments. Many of its boots are said to pass 150 steps during construction to ensure the utmost performance, comfortable fit, and durability.

Apart from footwear, the brand is also dedicated to manufacturing high-quality apparel and accessories suited for work and other outdoor activities.

Are Ariat Work Boots Comfortable?

According to numerous users, Ariat boots are indeed comfortable. All of the boots are made of high-quality materials that besides performance and durability, ensure comfort.

Almost all Ariat boots are made of genuine leather, which over time starts to get softer and makes the boots even more comfortable. The material is pliable enough to cater to the feet and calves without causing discomfort. These work boots also feature well-cushioned soles that support the feet and keep you moving for long hours.

Although they might appear sturdy and stylish on the outside, they are actually comfortable on the inside.

How Long Do Ariat Work Boots Last?

Ariat work boots typically last for five years or above, depending on how well you take care of your boots. Many users have stated that boots by this brand tend to outlast its competitors. Long-term durability is something you should expect when you’re investing in an expensive pair of boots.

Top 8 Ariat Work Boots Reviews

As a popular brand, Ariat makes many types of boots, out of which we have selected 8 Ariat work boots and reviewed.

ariat work boots review

Ariat Groundbreaker Work Boot Round Toe

Ariat Groundbreaker Round Toe Work Boot

Starting with the first Ariat boot on this list, the Groundbreaker round toe work boot is made to meet demanding environments.

This pair of boots is made of genuine leather with mesh lining, which ensures your feet stay cool and dry regardless of the environment you’re in. For added comfort, the footbed provides adequate cushioning with Four Layer Rebound technology.

Apart from comfort, these work boots also ensure your feet stay firm on the ground. The 90-degree heel allows you to walk safely on rocks, terrain, and other rough surfaces. Besides, the Duratread outsole prevents you from slipping while protecting your feet from sharp thorns. It is also electrical-hazard rated.

These boots are great for you if you plan to wear them for walking because of the rounded toe shape. Since the toe is soft, you will have greater flexibility while enjoying comfort.


  • Gives you comfort all day long
  • Easy pull on style lets you wear and take out your boots quickly
  • The rubber sole prevents slipping
  • Can be used for walking on various surfaces
  • It is electrical-hazard rated


  • The boots are not waterproof
  • Not suitable for industrial environment

Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boot

Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work Boots

This is another pair from the Groundbreaker series, which is similar to the one we have previously seen.

Instead of a round toe, this Ariat work boot has a square toe shape. This square design is perfect for accommodating wide feet without causing discomfort. When you’re out for horse-riding, the square toe helps you slide into the stirrup. Besides, you can walk around the ranch or in the workplace for hours.

This boot’s foot area is made of full-grain leather, while the upper is made of suede. The combination of these two leather types ensures both comfort and durability as you keep walking or standing for long hours.

Just like the previous round toe boots, this one features Four Layer Rebound insole to keep your feet cushioned and stabilized for increased performance. Your feet also won’t get sweaty during hot weather as the mesh lining allows air to reach inside.

Not to mention, the rubber outsole with a 90-degree heel doesn’t discourage you from walking on slippery or rough surfaces.

When you choose a pair of the right size, these boots are said to fit snug around the arch, which is how it is supposed to fit for maximum performance.


  • Made of full-grain leather and suede
  • Fits snug around the arch of the foot
  • The cushioned insole stabilizes the feet
  • Can be used for riding and walking on different surfaces
  • Requires little or no break in period


  • Not waterproof
  • Tends to run slightly large

Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe Work Boot

Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe Work Boot

If you’re looking for the perfect pair not only for riding and walking but also for climbing, these Ariat Workhog work boots are a perfect choice!

This is a full-grain leather boot with an embellished eye-catching design to give you a Western vibe. You have the option of choosing these boots from three different colors and designs. Despite the aesthetics, these boots indeed serve you well for your daily tasks.

When you wear this pair, your feet won’t be exhausted because it is equipped with Ariat’s ATS Max technology. This special technology ensures your feet don’t twist when walking on rocky terrain, which would otherwise lead to injury. Plus, it also helps in maintaining your posture.

Not only that but these work boots are also equipped with EVA midsole. The purpose of this midsole is to provide adequate cushioning while absorbing shock. It is typically flexible and remains like that even during the winter, so you can always walk comfortably.

It is necessary that the work boots you choose should be able to provide traction in different environments. Luckily, the Duratread outsole keeps injuries at bay by resisting oil and wear.

What’s more, these boots have a hidden elastic panel, also known as the U-Turn Entry System on the back of the shaft to accommodate feet of different sizes.


  • Made of full-grain leather
  • The outsole prevents slipping
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock
  • Prevents feet from twisting in harsh enviroments
  • Accommodates various feet sizes


  • Stains easily
  • Tends to run slightly large

Ariat Midtown Rambler Boots

Ariat Midtown Rambler Boots

If you want something different than the usual high-shafted cowboy boots, you can go for the Midtown Rambler boot.

According to Ariat, this pair is designed to give a rock n’ roll outlook whenever you wear them. But that doesn’t mean that the boots fall short of functionalities. They are made of imported genuine leather that is known to last longer than its synthetic variations.

This is another square toe boot that makes enough room for your toes to give you comfort. Additionally, the insole is filled with gel to prevent your feet from aching as you walk or stand for long hours. The boots also wick moisture and stabilize the feet for the utmost performance. It’s all possible thanks to Ariat’s ATS technology.

Apart from the insole, the outsole features Duratread technology to keep your feet firm on the ground regardless of the surface. You don’t even have to worry about the sharp thorns piercing into your boots!


  • Comes in three different variations
  • Stabilizes the feet and the heels
  • Can be used for walking on slippery surfaces
  • The outsole prevents wear and boosts performance
  • The pull-on tab makes the boot easy to wear


  • Not waterproof
  • Tends to run slightly large

Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea Work Boot

Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea Work Boot

If you’ve been wishing to find a pair of waterproof Ariat boots, well this is it! The Groundbreaker Chelsea work boot is designed to protect your feet in any environment.

This pair of boots is constructed of waterproof full-grain leather to prevent your feet from getting wet. Not only that, but also it is well-insulated to keep your feet warm in the cold winter. Despite the rain or snow, you won’t have trouble walking with these boots on. You’ll be focusing on your tasks instead!

Whether you’re working outside or in a factory, you can rest assured you will be safe from potential injuries. That’s because these boots feature a steel toe that protects your feet from falling objects.

Like most Ariat boots, this one features a Duratread outsole to keep you going regardless of the surface. Also, your feet won’t be exhausted because the boot contains Four Layer Rebound footbed and a mesh lining to promote breathability.

If you find it a hassle in wearing and taking off tall work boots, you can choose the Groundbreaker Chelsea as it is ankle-length.


  • Waterproof boots keep your feet dry
  • Steel toe prevents injuries caused by falling objects
  • The mesh lining promotes breathability
  • Can be worn in cold temperatures
  • Ensures comfort and durability


  • The boots are not stretchy
  • Feels a little heavy

Ariat Circuit Patriot Western Boots

Ariat Circuit Patriot Western Boots

The Ariat Circuit Patriot Western boots are designed to allow you to perform tasks while conveying your love for your country.

These boots are a bit different than the ones we have previously seen because they feature US flag embroidery that makes the boots stand out. Still, they are sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions. Whether you’re working on the farm or walking on the terrain, these boots will support your feet all day long.

Made of full-grain leather with Goodyear welt, the Circuit Patriot work boots ensure durability no matter how often you wear them. It also allows you to walk around comfortably because of the Four Layer Rebound footbed. If you ever feel the need of replacing the insole, you are free to do so!

These boots feature Ariat’s signature Duratread outsole, which is known to provide resistance against wear and promote flexibility. Plus, it helps keep you safe from slipping as you walk on slippery surfaces.


  • Available in two different colors
  • Full-grain leather and Goodyear Welt ensures durability
  • The insole is removable
  • Cushions feet for lasting comfort
  • Prevents slipping


  • Difficult to break in
  • Tends to run slightly small

Ariat Groundbreaker Pull-On Work Boots

Ariat Groundbreaker Pull-On Work Boot

Here’s another Ariat Groundbreaker round toe work boot, but with the addition of a steel toe.

Like most Ariat boots on the list, this one is also constructed of full-grain leather. While the round toe design prevents compression of the toes, the mesh lining prevents your feet from getting sweaty. Not only that, but the steel toe will ensure your feet remain safe from potential injuries caused by impact.

You’ll feel comfortable while wearing these boots because the Four Layer Rebound insole provides adequate cushioning and absorbs shock. Plus, the Duratread outsole and the 90-degree heel provide traction to help you make your way through slippery or rough surfaces.

Despite measuring 10-inches in height, you’ll have no trouble wearing these boots. There are tabs on both sides of the shaft that you can pull to wear the boots quickly. These are really useful, especially when you need to go somewhere urgently.


  • Made of full-grain leather
  • Round toe design prevents compression of the toes
  • Promotes breathability
  • Pull-on tabs allow you to wear the boots quickly
  • Can be worn in rough environments


  • Not waterproof
  • Tends to run slightly small

Ariat Sierra Wide Square Toe Work Boots

The Ariat Sierra work boots are a great pair you will want to have for your day-to-day activities.

These boots are made of full-grain leather that ensures utmost durability as well as flexibility. Unlike most Ariat boots, the Sierra work boots are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius. That means you don’t have to worry about the boots giving up when you’re working in an environment that involves the use of high temperatures.

Additionally, the steel toe construction keeps your feet safe from unwanted impact. You can walk with these boots on anywhere- in the terrain, barn, or a factory. It is one of the versatile Ariat boots you can find!

Apart from that, you will feel comfortable while wearing the boots for long hours. Ariat’s signature ATS technology provides adequate support and cushioning so that your feet don’t ache. Also, the U-Turn Entry System allows you to wear the boots without struggling to fit your feet inside.

Lastly, the Duratread outsole allows you to walk on slippery or rough surfaces without worrying about injuries.


  • Available in three different colors
  • Capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Suitable for different environments
  • Prevents slipping
  • Steel toe protects your feet from impact


  • Feels a bit heavy
  • Tends to run slightly small

How To Clean Ariat Work Boots?

Cleaning is an important part to increase the longevity of your Ariat work boots. Here are the steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Clean Your Work Boots

Take a damp towel or rag and use it to wipe off any dirt from your Ariat work boots. If the dirt doesn’t go away easily, rub it off with an old toothbrush. In case of scuffs, remove them using a soft-bristled brush, such as a dry-eraser.

Step 2: Dry Your Work Boots

Let your boots dry naturally. If they have become saturated, remove the insole and dry the inside using a paper towel. Make sure not to expose your boots to direct heat, such as sunlight or hair dryer as it can cause the boots to form cracks

Step 3: Condition The Boots

Take a dry sponge or rag and dab it in the leather conditioner. Start rubbing the conditioner from the bottom part of the boots, making small circular motions as you go upwards. Continue applying leather conditioner until the boots feel soft and look moisturized.

Step 4: Polish The Boots

Once the boots are conditioned, take another dry cloth and use it to apply leather polish in the same way as you’ve applied the leather conditioner.

There you go! Your Ariat work boots are now sparkling clean!

How To Break In Ariat Work Boots?

There are several ways to break in your new pair of Ariat work boots. But, first of all, it is essential that you choose the right size. Here’s how you can break in your boots.

Method 1: Wear Your Boots For A Week

Wear your new boots with thick socks and walk around the house or garden for a week. You shouldn’t wear them for long hours as the uncomfortable boots will cause your feet to ache. It is recommended you wear them for two or three hours a day for a whole week. The leather will become stretched by then, and the boots will be suitable to wear for work.

Method 2: Apply Leather Conditioner

New leather can be stiff, and a great way of softening the material to conform to your feet is by applying a leather conditioner. All you need to do is pick a good leather conditioner for your Ariat boots, apply it generously, and then let it dry naturally. If there’s any excess conditioner, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Method 3: Use Wet Towels

Take a dry cloth and use it to apply some leather conditioner all over your boots. Roll up a few wet towels and stuff them inside the boots. Your leather boots will soften and at the same time will be pushed from the inside. When the wet towels have dried up, remove them and let the boots dry naturally.

Method 4: Use Freezer Bags

Take two freezer bags and fill them with water. Make sure both bags are tightly sealed. Insert them into the area of each boot that you’re trying to stretch out. Place the boots inside the freezer and leave them like that for four to eight hours. The water inside the bags will freeze to ice and cause the boots to expand.

Once done, take out the boots from the freezer and let the bags thaw before removing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Ariat Work Boots Be Resoled?

Yes, it is possible to resole Ariat work boots. The brand recommends mailing your work boots to NuShoe and they will replace the sole with a genuine Ariat sole. Not only that, but they will also do any necessary stitching and cleaning to make your boots look good as new.

2. Are Ariat Work Boots Waterproof?

Unlike traditional leather cowboy boots, some of the leather boots by Ariat are waterproof. The brand implements its patented technology known as Waterproof Pro into its premium leather boots to give the utmost protection.

3. How Should Ariat Work Boots Fit?

Ariat work boots tend to run slightly larger, so it is recommended you select a pair that is half-size smaller than the size you usually wear. You’ll find a size chart on their site for your convenience.

4. Do Ariat Boots Work Well In Winter?

Leather boots in general aren’t ideal to be worn in extremely cold temperatures as excess moisture can crack the surface. However, Ariat’s waterproof boots are constructed in a way to keep your feet dry despite the rain, sleet, or snow.

5. Do Ariat Work Boots Stretch?

Yes, they do. As you wear your boots, over time the leather will stretch and make you feel more comfortable.

6. Are Ariat Boots Made In The USA?

Ariat was founded in 1993 in Union City, California. Although it is an American brand, its manufacturing facilities are located overseas in Mexico, Italy, and China. But, its footwear design department is located in the US headquarters.  

Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialHeel Size (inches)Shaft Height (inches)
Ariat Groundbreaker Round Toe Work BootGenuine leatherApproximately 1.25Approximately 11.5
Ariat Groundbreaker Square Toe Work BootFull-grain leather, suede111
Ariat Workhog Wide Square Toe Work BootFull-grain leatherN/AN/A
Ariat Midtown Rambler BootGenuine leatherApproximately 1.56
Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea Work BootFull-grain leatherN/A10
Ariat Circuit Patriot Western BootsFull-grain leatherN/AN/A
Ariat Groundbreaker Pull-On Work BootFull-grain leatherApproximately 1.25Approximately 11.5
Ariat Sierra Wide Square Toe Work BootsFull-grain leatherN/AApproximately 10


Ariat boots are a top favorite among sports-enthusiastic men and women across the world. The eye-catching design paired with comfort, durability, and performance makes these boots a suitable choice for horse-riding, work, and other outdoor activities.

All of its footwear is made of high-quality materials, and those that are waterproof can withstand different weather elements. Not to mention, all the boots go through numerous steps to ensure they don’t fall short of your expectations.

Hopefully, you’ve got your answer after reading this Ariat work boots review guide. That means you can make an informed decision when investing in a pair!

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