Best Way to Clean Leather Work Boots: Short and Lengthy Ways Described

If you’re a working person, you understand the value of having clean boots. Your feet will be perfectly protected and comfortable in a clean leather work boot. But, what is the best way to clean leather work boots?

Leather work boots are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They can, however, become dirty with use, causing the leather to tear down quicker than it should. You must clean your leather boots regularly to keep them in good condition.

As a general rule, work boots should be cleaned every day after work. However, we frequently have insufficient time to clean them properly. Check out these helpful cleaning tips for leather work boots if you’re wondering how to keep your leather work boot in good shape.

Best Way to Clean Leather Work Boots

Best Way to Clean Leather Work Boots

Isn’t it true that a man’s clothes determine his personality? Yes, but only if they aren’t filthy. Even though we never neglect to wash our old shirts, our shoes might sometimes slip through the cracks. A nice pair of leather boots demands the same care and attention as any other significant investment. Even if you’re wearing mid-tier genuine leathers, keeping them clean will extend their life.

Leather boots are among the most durable footwear options available. The main issue is that they can quickly become smelly, especially if you wear work leather boots. And so, bot cleaning is an important life hack that you mustn’t avoid.

There are two main methods for cleaning your work boots, a short one and a long one. Here we will go through both of the ways of cleaning boots. You can select the method that best meets your needs.

The Lengthy way: 5 Easy Steps

If you have the time to give your boots a proper wash and drying time, this is the best method to clean them. So, let’s get started-

Step 1: To make cleaning your boots easier, fill a pail with water and soak your boots. To avoid damaging the leather on the boots, make sure you use warm water.

Step 2: Combine your saddle soaps with some water. You can use any soap to water ratio, but I prefer 1.25 to one. This will ensure a great lather and a rich shine on your boots!

Step 3: Spread the detergent thoroughly over the whole boot, ensuring that all sides are covered. Allow 12 hours before washing with chilly water and afterward lukewarm water until there is no more soap residue on the boot.

Step 4: To avoid imperfections, polish your leather boots with a clean fabric while wearing protective gear before drying them.

Step 5: To maintain the appearance of your leather boots, use a conditioner or shine. Keep in mind that the better you wash your work boots now, the less you’ll have to maintain them afterward.

The Quick Way: 6 Quick Steps

Follow these simple methods to properly wash your shoe if you only have a short amount of time.

Step 1: Remove the removable sections of the boots first. Remove the laces, soles, and inserts so that they can be treated individually afterward.

Step 2: Ensure that everything is in order. Remove any loose dirt or debris. Take a horsehair brush, a soft-bristled toothbrush, or a lint-free cotton cloth and do it. Using vigorous motions, brush/wipe off the unwanted debris from the boots. Remember to look thoroughly into the holes and other areas of the footwear where dirt may have settled.

Step 3: In a bucket of water, combine a couple of heaping tablespoons of soap and massage into the lather. Dip a soft bristles toothbrush or maybe a soft lint-free cotton cloth in the soap mixture of water simultaneously. Slowly work your way around the leather fibers in a circular manner. Don’t forget to look after the edges and borders and the heels and rubber outsole. Finally, using the toothbrush, get deep into the pores.

Step 4: Gently wipe out the soap solution. Wipe the soap off the boots with a clean wet cloth.

Step 5: Allow the boots to air dry completely. If possible, air dries them or use a decent quality boot dryer.

Step 6: To complete the maintenance, apply a boot conditioner. Leather oil is a well-known moisturizer for leather boots, preventing drying out and cracking. This oil also acts as a water-resistant protective layer, preventing moisture from entering.

This essential step finely protects leather boots from the sun and other environmental damage. Following these steps to keep your boots clean will allow you to keep your boots in perfect working order for many years to come.


Dirty boots can cause a slew of issues, not the least of which is that you will smell like a skunk for the rest of the day. Leather’s arch-enemies are dirt and grime. So, keep your boots in good shape by following these two best ways to clean leather work boots. I hope this article has assisted you in determining the best method for cleaning your leather work boots. If you look after your boots, they will look after you!

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