Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

Are bad knees getting your goat?

Probably the intention of your work boots isn’t good.

A wrong pair tends to increase pressure on your knees and hips. It can even damage your joints!

You just have to understand the warning signs that prove the boots are bad for you. It can be the wrong size, poor cushioning, discomfort, and lack of flexibility. If these match the service you’re getting from the pair, then it’s time to change it.

Get the one that gives you the opposite of what you got. It means, the boots should fit properly, have adequate cushioning, feel comfortable and let you move your feet with ease. These are what help a lot in relieving the pain.

So, want to know what would be the best work boots for bad knees? Then, do check our list. We’ve compiled some pairs that help treat those conditions.

Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

What Kind Of Work Boots Are Good For Bad Knee?

These are some of the features that should exist in work boots for bad knees.


Work boots with a nice cushioning system make your feet move freely. It lowers not only the impact felt by your knee but also the stress on the joints.

Make sure the pair has rear-foot and front-foot cushioning system. The former would absorb the heel-strike impact while the latter would reduce the impact during toe-off phase.

Adequate Heel And Arch Support

Boots with the right amount of firm padding give sufficient heel and arch support. Not just that, the bottoms are designed in a way that fits the contour of your aches.  

These work to distribute your weight evenly and help keep your posture right. It further keeps the feet stable and prevents pressure on your knees which could cause severe damage to them.

Low-To-Medium Heels

High heels can throw the entire body out of alignment that can end up causing bad knees. So, make sure the work boots have low to medium heels so that you don’t have to put unwanted stress on the knees.

Top 7 Work Boots For Bad Knees

Comfort should be your priority when it comes to work boots for bad knees. While it helps lessen the existing pain, your legs would be safe from issues that could occur in the future due to bad boots.

You can choose any from the models we have reviewed here. All of them do boast comfort.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

White Ledge is mainly an all-season pair that aims to give you enjoyable trails. It’s designed in such a way that you can use it heavily while experiencing its long-lasting service.


It’s a pure leather pair of work boots. So, you would find it very durable, making it ideal for heavy use. There is a layer of synthetic material that guarantees resistance to water.

The rubber outsole is resistant to scratches and scrapes. Plus, it has multidirectional lugs that make the boots grip well.

Comfort And Support

White Ledge has zero breaking-in period. It has space around toe area so your feet can move easily.

This would be a very nice pair especially if your foot has slightly high arch. You can feel the contour of the bottom that gives you comfort and helps prevent knee strain.

The padding is quite shock-absorbent so it wouldn’t give your knees any extra pressure. Even though the insole is nicely padded, you may need to replace them as they don’t last long.


It’s mainly available in sizes ranging from 7 to 14. It would be true to size for the men. Even if you have wide feet, you would get sizes for them as well. As for the women, you may need to go 2-size up to get the right fit.


  • Can last different seasons since it’s durable.
  • Amazing traction and scratch-resistant.
  • Adequate arch support and shock-absorbent.
  • Comes true to size with zero breaking-in period.


  • Insoles may not last long.

EVER BOOTS Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots

EVER BOOTS Men's Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots

With high-quality materials, Ever Boots Tank tends to stomp on challenges. They let you experience comfort from the very first day of wearing them.


Its upper comes in Nubuck leather. You would find them very durable. Being naturally breathable, it wouldn’t make the feet sweaty. 

The bottom is oil and slip-resistant. With a thick rubber outsole and strong tread pattern, you would love its traction. One big plus is that the sole is stitched, making the construction sturdier.

Comfort And Support

These have thick insoles made of solid memory foam that cushion your feet. The bottom has a subtle contour, meaning it’s better for the fallen arches.

If the padded inserts still put pressure at the top of your arch, you can remove them to avoid that. Due to these arch support and impact-absorbance features, you can easily reduce the pain of bad knees.

The breaking-in would be painless. Plus, it has enough room to let you flex your feet.  


Tank comes in sizes from 6 to 14. A small gripe is that it runs a bit big. So, you may have to go half-a-size down to get the actual size. There still might be some room but a pair of socks will fix that.

For women, we would suggest that you subtract 2 from the size of the men to get proper fitment.


  • Very tough and durable.
  • Strong grip when connects to the ground.
  • Nicely padded and has sufficient flat arch support.
  • Delivers painless breaking-in period.


  • The boots usually run big.

Irish Setter Men’s 6″ 83605 Work Boot

Irish Setter Men's 6" 83605 Work Boot

You would get both support and protection from this amazing pair by Irish Setter. The materials of the boots are tough but flexible enough to work in the jobsite with ease.


With pure leather upper, you get to enjoy longer durability. It has natural pores that help keep the feet dry and cool.

It has a high-quality Rubber-Eva outsole. Even if you step on water, the work boots wouldn’t slip.

You may not like the quality of the laces, so we suggest that you get yourself a long-lasting one.

Comfort And Support

The insoles are very well-padded and help make walking on hard surfaces easier. Its arch support is decent. It would benefit people having fallen arches or normal arches. Even if you wear the pair for longer period, it wouldn’t give much pressure on the legs. So, you can treat bad knees with this.

A notable factor is that it doesn’t need any breaking-in period. So, you would get to enjoy the comfort from the very beginning.


This pair has sizes from 7 to 14. Even if your foot is wide, you would find sizes for that as well. It comes true to size for most of the men while it may run 2-size big for women.


  • Long-lasting upper making it ideal for daily use.
  • Doesn’t need any breaking-in period and comes true to size.
  • Ideal for fallen or normal arches with decent arch support.
  • Sole delivers an amazing grip.


  • Shoelaces are of poor quality.

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Hiking Work Boots

FREE SOLDIER Hiking Work Boot

This pair from Free Soldier is filled with several privileges. Starting from ankle support to waterproof coating to skid resistance, the boots have it all.

It’s available in both thick and thin fabric. You can pick one depending on the weather your region has the most.

If it’s hot, then choose the thinner one that delivers outstanding ventilation to keep the feet dry and cool. For colder regions, there’s a thicker version that may not be well-ventilated but keep the feet warm.


The upper uses soft-to-touch Suede leather. Not only it’s flexible but naturally breathable. There’s a layer of waterproof coating that’s deep up to 5cm. So, the boots would be unaffected by the liquid.

About the outsole, it’s made of premium rubber. The base has geometrical pattern design that works to deliver excellent traction.


Because the bottoms are a bit contoured, people with fallen arches would get proper arch support from them. While you enjoy the comfort, the pair works to lessen foot fatigue and pain of bad knees.  

But you may need to replace the insoles since they have used soft memory foam. Make sure to grab the firm ones to get more comfort and better cushioning.

The gusseted tongue is thick and keeps dirt, sand, and pebbles from getting inside.

It breaks in almost instantly. So, you would enjoy comfort as you wear it.


You would find it in 8 to 12. The big plus is that it comes true to size, making it easy to get the right fit.


  • Robust and waterproof.
  • Tread pattern grips well.
  • Enough arch support for fallen arches.
  • Available in thick and thin fabric for hot or colder regions.


  • Soft padding, so insoles need to be replaced.

WOLVERINE Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot

WOLVERINE Men's Overpass 6" Composite Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Get the ultimate combo of performance and comfort from the overpass. It fuses motion max and contoured technologies to make the work boots flexible and easy to step with.


Since the upper comes with a mix of leather and textile, you get durability, air-circulation, and flexibility. It’s resistant to abrasion, so it’s tough and ideal for regular use. Plus, the pair has a waterproof layer so that you can use it in different weather conditions.

The rubber sole is scratch-resistant, which proves how solid it is. You would love the grip feel its tread pattern offers. Hence, the boots would be excellent for smooth or oily surfaces.


Overpass doesn’t take time to break in. It feels comfortable right away.

The boots come with firm padding inside to cushion your feet thanks to the Ortholite footbed. It has high arch support and fits the contours of your foot restfully. Also, the Contoured Welt adds comfort by flexing at essential points and giving your feet more freedom of movement.

All these features work to help you get rid of bad knees. As you don’t have to put much stress on the legs, you can wear the pair all day long.


The work boots run slightly big. You just have to go half-a-size down to get the proper fit. The sizes mainly range from 7 to 14 and have options for wider feet as well.


  • Resistant to abrasion, liquid, and weather.
  • Delivers superb traction on different surfaces.
  • ●       Breaks in on the first day.
  • Delivers adequate high arch support.


  • May run a bit big.

Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

This White Ledge by Timberland is a deep black pair that ensures quality, protection, and comfort at the same time. Not only it’s solid but also environment-friendly thanks to recycled materials used in it.


You would love the long-lasting performance of this pair. Having been made of pure leather, the work boots withstand bending, water, and other elements.

Its rubber outsole is durable. It has aggressive lugs pattern that grips well on different surfaces, be it smooth or wet.

Comfort And Support

White Ledge has the right amount of padding around the arch and ankle areas. You would love to walk with it very comfortably.

Its base is more suitable for the ones who have normal to slightly high arches. If you’re one of them, you would get enough arch support from it. There wouldn’t be any knee strain, which will lead to ease issues of bad knees.

The pair breaks in on the very first day. The comfort will be the same even after wearing it for a longer time.

You may not find these boots very breathable. Hence, they would be perfect to be used in colder regions. The pair would work to keep the feet warm and dry.


It comes in size 8 only. The big plus is that it’s true to its size. So, if you’re someone who wears 8, this would be perfect for you.


  • Suitable for people with normal to slightly high arches.
  • No breaking-in period.
  • Comes true to size.
  • Aggressive tread pattern offers strong traction.


  • Not very breathable.

ORISTACO Work Safety Boots Breathable Lightweight Reliable Durable Steel Toe Industrial Construction Shoes

ORISTACO Work Safety Boots Breathable Lightweight Reliable Durable Steel Toe Industrial Construction Shoes

If you hate sweaty feet while working, then get this pair from Oristaco to shoo that away. Apart from breathability, these boots have other safety and comfort benefits that make them a great pick.


It’s designed with high-quality textile and mesh. This combo makes the work boots extremely breathable. You would love how dry and cool it’s going to keep your feet.

The pair has steel toe caps that protect your feet from falling objects. One big plus is that the toe cap doesn’t make the boot heavy.

It feels very grippy on smooth surfaces due to having patterned rubber sole. Not only that, the sole is resistant to abrasion, oil, slip, and water as well.  


The padding in the insole is sufficient enough to cushion your feet. Speaking of which, if you have flat arches, you would get good arch support since the base is slightly contoured. It would help distribute the weight and make your feet feel stable and comfortable. Result? Your bad knees can heal over time.

It doesn’t require any breaking-in time. So, your first day of wearing the pair would go smooth and free of knee pain.


It has sizes for both men and women. Since it runs slightly small, we suggest that you get a size up for it to fit. It mainly ranges from 5 to 13 for men and 6.5 to 14.5 for women.


  • Long-lasting and breathable.
  • Resistant to slip, oil and abrasion.
  • Ample padding in the collar and insole.
  • Doesn’t need any breaking-in time.


  • May run short.

What to Look Before Buying Work Boots For Bad Knees

Just knowing the best options wouldn’t be enough to get the ideal work boots for knee and back pain. You would need a guide that can help you pick the right one.

If you’re confused about which boot to choose, then consider the factors we have provided below.

Insoles And Bottoms

These play a big role in treating conditions like bad knees. If you want to get rid of them, then look for boots that have well-padded footbeds.

Make sure the bottoms suit the contour of your feet. It should cushion the arches adequately while distributing the pressure of your weight.

Such cushioning also keeps your feet stable and posture right. This way, it helps reduce pain in the knees while preventing future problems.


Uncomfortable walking or awkward stride can also be the cause of bad knees. So, you have to make sure the boots have slip resistance when in touch with oily, wet, or smooth surfaces.

In that case, premium rubber sole would be great. It delivers excellent grip to let you walk in your worksite with ease. Apart from traction, the rubber sole should also have resistance to scratches and scrapes.

The lugs pattern should be tough and deep. It would add more traction to the outsole. With this, your feet would move easily through complex ground, trail, and dirt.


Make sure the upper is flexible enough to keep giving your feet the comfort they deserve. Leather, textile, and neoprene, all are great at offering ease of movement, but leather tends to last longer than the others.


For durability, leather would be the best. Apart from being tough, it’s super-breathable as well. Typically, leather has natural pores that help keep the feet dry.

You would find two kinds of leather. One is Nubuck and the other is Suede.

  • Nubuck is made by sanding the outer layer of the leather hide. The upper would be tough-to-touch but super sturdy and durable.
  • Suede is crafted with the inner sanded layer of leather hide. Upper made of such leather would be soft-to-touch and you would love its flexibility.


This is another incredible material for work boots. The high-quality ones can last pretty long. One biggest plus is that you would find them very light compared to leather. Not just that, such material tends to be very breathable.


You must choose a pair that fits properly even with steel toes or socks. Wrong fitment can be a big cause of bad knees as it’s uncomfortable and affects your natural stride. It would be great if the work boots are true to size.

You can actually check that from users’ reviews. However, if you think that your preferred pair has all the qualities but runs big or small, it’s still okay to choose it. In that case, take help from the reviews to know which size would be right for you.

There are many work boots that have been designed for people with wide feet. Models like Timberland White Ledge would be excellent for that. They have a wide range of sizes for majority of the people. 

Things are slightly different for females. The pair meant for men wouldn’t fit right for them. Instead, you may have to go 1 or 2-size down depending on the work boots you’re picking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Wear Knee High Boots To Work?

In case you don’t want the knee-high work boots to look odd at your workplace, you may try these 2 options that can make them look appropriate.

  • Classic Pair

Look for basic colors like black, taupe, or brown. Make sure the boots don’t have prints or gimmicky details that can draw anyone’s attention. Plus, the boots should match your attire.

  • Low To Medium Heel

Choose the boots that have heels up to 3 ¼ inches. Higher than that may make you feel uncomfortable at work. Flat boots could be decent but you may find them too casual for the jobsite.

Are Over The Knee Boots Appropriate For Work?

It depends on two things. One, whether your workplace allows for such boots. Two, whether you’re wearing them with the right outfit.

Over-the-knee boots aren’t typically considered professional if worn in conservative offices such as accounting or law firms. Then again, there are many other offices or worksites that let you wear the boots if your outfit matches them and if the overall look is professional.

Can Work Boots Affect Your Knees?

Yes, they can. Wrong boots can change your posture as well as the position of your feet. Plus, they can cause excess supination and pronation. These further increase the amount of pressure inside the knee joints while walking. You would start feeling uncomfortable, which will eventually affect the natural stride.

Can You Wear Knee High Steel Toe Work Boots At Work?

As we already mentioned, it absolutely depends on whether your workplace allows that. If they do, then knee high steel toe work boots would be okay.

However, you have to make sure to wear the right outfit and boots that match and look professional.

Having steel toe inside the boots would benefit you more in challenging environments. It will help prevent injuries from falling objects.

What Work Boots Aren’t Right For Bad Knees?

Make sure your works boots don’t have these traits.

  • Too high or too low heels that require you to apply excess pressure on the front or rear of the knee.
  • Lacks enough arch support that can result in pain and fatigue.
  • Stiffness and absence of flex, which will restrict the movement of your feet.

What is The Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

In our opinion, the work boots that work best for bad knees is the Overpass pair by Wolverine. The Ortholite cushioned footbed provides your arch ample support. There isn’t any breaking-in time so the boots will be comfortable to walk with on the very first day.

Even though it runs slightly big, you can wear thick socks or go half-a-size down for the proper fitment. The boots have incredible traction so you can walk on smooth or slippery surfaces with ease.


Work boots causing knee pain should be avoided if you want to stay free from more complex problems in the future. The pair you wear at work should have enough arch and ankle support, flexibility, stability, shock absorption, right fitment, and slip-resistance. All these factors make a pair comfortable to wear.

We hope now it would be easy to get yourself the best work boots for bad knees. The right thing to do is to note down your requirements and opt for one that meets them.

Comparison Chart

Product NameMaterialsSizeArch Support
Timberland White LedgeLeather, Rubber7-15wFor Slightly High Arches
EVER BOOTS “Tank”Nubuck Leather, Rubber6-14For Flat Arches
Irish Setter 6″ 83605Leather, Rubber-Eva7-14For Flat To Normal Arches
FREE SOLDIER Hiking Work BootSuede Leather, Rubber8-12For Flat Arches
WOLVERINE Overpass 6″Leather And Textile, Rubber7-14For High Arches
Timberland White Ledge BlackLeather, Rubber8For Normal To Slightly High Arches
ORISTACO Work Safety BootsTextile, Mesh, Rubber5-13For Flat Arches

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