Best Work Boots Without Laces

For every aspect of our lives, we consistently look for products that’ll help us save time. Any tool or appliance that can help us get ready faster for work is appreciated.

Do you want to get ready as fast as you can in the morning? Then, you should definitely invest in a slip-on work boot. These work boots are protective, durable, and easy to put on in the morning!

If you are looking for the best work boots without laces, you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of varieties of this very efficient work gear available in the market. Making a choice can therefore be a bit difficult. Check out our slip-on work boot review to find the perfect one for you.

Wolverine Without Laces work Boots

Advantage Of Laceless Boots

We have all seen laceless work boots getting hyped up. But, how effective are these boots in reality? What are the advantages that they provide? Let’s find out.


The main advantage that you get from a laceless work boot is that it is convenient. When you wake up early in the morning, you don’t have to worry about tying your boot laces.

Slip-on or laceless boots can be worn within seconds. All you have to do is spread the boot opening a little and slide your feet in.

Long Shaft

Laceless work boots often have a longer shaft. What this does is protect your ankles from dust, dirt, and scratches. You can get slip-on work boots that are as high as your knees as well.


Slip-on boots are usually a bit looser. This will give enough room to your feet for a comfortable fit.

Disadvantage Of Lace less Boots

While there are a lot of advantages of a laceless boot, unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages as well. Here are some that you should know about before investing.


The advantage of owning a pair of laced work boots is that it gives you a great fitting. You can tighten the boots as much as you want until you get a comfortable fit.

But with slip-on boots, you don’t have that option. You have to get used to the fit that the slip-on boots come with.

Loose Fit

Slip-on boots come with a one fit for all types of build. Sometimes the fitting of the boots can be a bit loose so that they can fit all kinds of feet width. This can turn out to be quite a challenge for people who don’t have wide feet.

For people who have feet of average width, the fitting can be a bit loose. Loosely fitted boots can cause scabs and discomfort as well.

Minimal Design 

As there are no laces on the boots, there are no eyelets either. The only design that you will get on slip-on boots is the zipper.

Usually, boots that do not have any laces have very simple designs with a one-color body.

Laceless Boots Vs Laces Boot: Which Is Best For Work?

Both laced and lace-less boot options are quite popular amongst workers. Here is a comparison between the two boot types, so you can choose the better option.


There is no doubt that laced boots are the winner when it comes to fitting. With laces, you can tighten the boots according to your comfort level. You don’t have the freedom to do that with lace-less boots.


Lace-less boots are sort of a one-fit-for-all type of thing. So you have to be careful when selecting the boots. These boots often have a wider opening so that people with all feet width can wear the boots comfortably.

While this is a benefit for some, this is also a drawback for many. If you have regular feet, there is a probability that the boots will be loose on you.

Loose boots can cause scabs and discomfort.

Therefore, when it comes to overall comfort, we would say that laced boots are the better option.


If you want to speed up the process of getting ready for work in the morning, we would recommend getting lace-less boots.

The main advantage that lace-less boots provide is that they are easy to put on. You don’t have to tie any laces, you can just slip in your boots, and you’re done.

If you want to buy a boot solely for the benefit of convenience, lace-less boots are the way to go.


Laced boots are comparatively more affordable than lace-less boots. Lace-less boots have to be made with a more intricate design.

The design has to fit your feet comfortably and be a bit snug. But it also has to be a bit on the looser side for you to be able to easily slip in your feet.

Getting this design right can be a bit difficult, making the boots more expensive.

When you’re on a budget, buying a laceless boot can prove to be difficult.


Laceless boots often have a higher shaft. This helps protect your ankles. You can get laceless boots that reach up to your knees.

Laced boots also come in a variety of shaft lengths. But most of the high boots in the market are laceless.

Other safety features such as waterproofness, durability, and toe protection, differ from company to company and model to model. Both laced and laceless boots can be protective.


If you want boots that have designs on them and are unique, we would suggest going for laced boots.

Because there is not much to work with on a laceless boot, the designs are mostly very simple. The only attractive part of a laceless boot is its zipper.

It’s not that all laceless boots are boring to look at, there are a few with unique designs. But it is quite rare. Also, laceless boots with good designs will cost you a lot more than laced boots.

So, if you want a unique-looking boot at an affordable price you might be better off with a laced boot.

Best Work Boots Without Laces

Best Work Boots Without Laces

Because of convenience, the market for laceless boots is quite huge. Naturally, this results in a variety of lace-less boot options that companies sell.

Choosing a laceless boot amongst this crowd can be a bit difficult. The more options you are given, the tougher it gets to make a choice. But worry not, we have featured the top laceless boots in the market for you to choose from. Let’s take a look.

Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Square Toe

Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Square Toe

Most of the laceless boots that we see in the market have boring designs. It’s very rare to come across a laceless boot that is unique.

But, this boot from Ariat has a very unique embroidery design on the shaft. This pair will surely turn some heads!

When it comes to durability, you can count on this boot to last you ages. Made with full-grain 100% leather, the boots can be worn regularly without any damage done. Besides leather, suede has also been used on the upper of the boots.

For comfort and durability, the boots have a rubber sole design. This sole can dampen impact from sharp objects.

The opening of the boot is 14 inches around. You can easily slip in your feet within seconds.

Measuring at about 11 inches, the shaft of the boot is quite high. It will not reach your knees, but it will surely keep your ankles protected. Boots with high shafts are great for keeping dirt and dust away from your feet.

For a more comfortable performance, the heels of the boots have been kept short. It’s only 1 inch in height.

Highlighted Features

  • Full-grain leather and suede construction
  • High 11-inch shaft keeps dirt and dust away from feet
  • Wide 14 inch round boot opening
  • Comfortable 1-inch heel
  • Unique embroidered design on shaft

Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10″ Work Boots Without Laces

Wolverine Without Laces work Boots

Next on our list, we have another very good-looking lace-less boot. This boot from wolverine has embroidered flame designs on the shaft. A rugged-looking boot as such can elevate any outfit!

The sole on this boot is man-made. It’s a soft kind of sole that is very comfortable to wear for long hours.

A 1.75-inch heel makes sure that the boot is kept away from mud and dirt, but is comfortable on the feet. It is not too high, and not too low.

Even the platform of the shoe has been elevated a little bit. It is approximately 0.75 inches from the ground. This keeps the boots cleaner by separating the distance from the ground. So, you won’t have to clean mud off of your precious boots at the end of a hard day at work!

The shaft of these boots measures about 11.5 inches from the arch. High shafts as such are great at protecting your feet, heel, and even your ankles.

To cater to wider feet, the boot has around 14-inch opening. There are two pull-on tabs on the opening as well. You can use these tabs to easily pull the boot so that your feet reach the end quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Pull tabs on the side make wearing the boots easier
  • Made with genuine 100% leather
  • Unique embroidered flame designs on the shaft
  • 11.5-inch long shaft height for ankle protection
  • Perfect heel height of 1.75 inches

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

Protection is one of the main features that you should look for when purchasing a work boot. This boot from Rockrooster comes with steel toe protection. So, when working, if any heavy object falls on your feet, your feet will be protected.

These kinds of steel toe cap boots are perfect for mechanics, heavy industry workers, welders, construction site workers, or even warehouse and transportation workers. It is a versatile boot that can meet a lot of work apparel requirements.

The fabric with which the boot is constructed has a special Coolmax technology. This makes the boots breathable and gets rid of any trapped moisture. If your feet sweat a lot, this boot might be the perfect option for you.

Added insulation helps keep your feet warm on cold days.

This fabric also has a Poron XRD impact protection feature. While the fabric is lightweight, it can still protect you against collisions, and impacts.

Made with nubuck leather, the boot comes with amazing features such as water resistance, slip resistance, and even oil protection. The TPU outsole moves according to the shape of your feet, giving you the most comfortable fit ever.

To reduce pressure, an anti-fatigue comfort technology has been added to the footbed.

Highlighted Features

  • Breathable and insulated steel toe work boots without laces
  • Anti-fatigue footbed makes the work experience enjoyable
  • Has water resistance, oil protection, and slip resistance
  • Constructed out of nubuck leather
  • Poron XRD impact protection to keep feet safe

Skechers Men’s without laces Work Boots

Skechers Men's without laces Work Boots

Buying boots on and on again can be quite a hassle. It’s not a product that you can replace that often. That is why we recommend investing in durable boots.

Made with 100% genuine leather, this work boot from Skechers is a great fit for regular boot wearers. Not only is the material used of high quality, but the stitching of the leather is also impeccable.

Even with regular use, the boots will not get any scratches, or won’t tear that easily. You can wear these to work, or on any occasion easily without having to worry about damage.

For comfort, the sole on the pair is made out of rubber. Rubber will dampen any impact from stepping on stones or any sharp objects.

To increase the comfort level, memory foam has also been added. If you are someone who has to work for long hours or has to stay on their feet continuously, this boot with added memory foam will be a perfect choice.

While this boot can protect your ankles, it is not too high in length. The shaft of the boot measures approximately 5 inches. Therefore, it won’t clash with your jeans or pants.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with high-quality leather and impeccable stitching
  • Easy to maintain
  • 5-inch shaft protects ankles but does not clash with pants
  • Available in three different colors
  • Does not get scratches easily

Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot

Georgia Boot Men's Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot

Laceless boots are very easy to put on, but Georgia has made their boots even easier to wear. How, you ask?

The boots have two long pull tabs. One is placed on the front, and the other is placed at the back. Besides that, the side of the boot also has a small portion of elastic.

While the pull tabs make wearing the boots easier, the elastic portion gives you a better fit.

Because there is an elastic part on the side of the boots, the opening does not have to be too wide. This way you get a better and snug fit even on a laceless boot.

For protection, the outsole of the boot comes with an oil-resistant polyurethane construction. No matter what you step on, these boots will not get damaged.

Besides that, the midsole has also been made with high-grade EVA. This helps distribute your weight evenly So that you can stand on your feet for long hours.

Unfortunately, the boot is only available in one color and does not have any unique design on it. However, it performs quite well!

Highlighted Features

  • EVA midsole distributes weight evenly
  • Short shaft height of about 5 inches
  • Elastic sides help give you a firmer fit
  • Two long pull tabs, placed on the front and back

Carhartt Men’s 11-Inch Waterproof Safety Toe Wellington

Carhartt Men's 11-Inch Waterproof Safety Toe Wellington

This work boot from Carhartt is a total catch. The boot has a long 11 inches shaft. This can protect your ankles and your feet quite successfully. The pair ends at about calf length.

Also, the boots have a very unique design. Instead of being just one color, the boots have two colors in them. Even on that, you have four different color combinations to choose from.

To keep the wearer safe, the boots are made with electrical hazard safety. This pair can keep you safe even when you come in contact with a maximum of 18,000 volts of electricity. 

Besides that, you also get a safety toe on the front. This portion keeps your toes safe from heavy objects and compression hazards. Made in compliance with the ASTM F 2413-18 standards, this steel toe protection will never disappoint you.

To keep the boots a bit elevated from the ground, a heel of 1.5 in has been added. These heels are comfortable to walk in, and also keep the exterior of the boots away from mud and dirt.

Highlighted Features

  • Unique two-color design
  • 4 different color options are available
  • Reaches calf length and protects your ankles
  • Meets ASTM F 2413-18 steep toe protection standard
  • Can keep you safe from a maximum of 18,000V with electrical hazard protection

What Are The Things To Look For Before Buying?

On your way to buy a laceless work boot? Here are a few features that are usually kept in mind when making a purchase. Buying boots that have these features will result in a worthier investment.


The most important thing that you need to look for when buying a work boot is protection.

As a worker, you will come across a lot of barriers. The work boot that you buy needs to have protection against electrical hazards. There are a lot of loose wires on construction sites that might cause accidents. Wearing boots that have rubber soles and electrical hazard protection can be crucial at times.

Also, look for steel toe protection on your boots. Your toes are quite sensitive. In case something falls on your feet, your toes will face the most damage. Steel toe work boots without laces can keep your toes safe in a situation as such.


It’s important for the work boot that you buy to be waterproof. There’s no saying what kind of fluid you might step on when you’re at work. Getting boots that have a waterproof layer will keep your feet dry all day long!


Yes, your work boots need to be waterproof, but they also need to have a breathable membrane. This will ensure that all the moisture that is trapped inside the boot, or even the sweat, gets evaporated.

Your feet need to stay dry all day long if you want to be comfortable. Boots with breathable membranes keep your feet away from moisture.


Boots that don’t have laces are often a bit on the looser side. This is so that they can cater to feet of all widths.

If you don’t have wide feet, you need to look at the fitting of the boots carefully. Look for boots that will give you a firm grip. Boots need to fit properly for comfort.

Getting boots that are too loose can be uncomfortable, and can also cause scabs on your feet due to unnecessary movement.

Pull-On Tabs

Don’t just invest in any laceless boot, invest in a laceless boot that comes with pull-on tabs.

Pull-on tabs on the side of laceless boots will help you wear the pair easily.

Sometimes, these tabs are a bit sticky as well. The tacky tabs keep the opening of the boot attached to your pants.


Different people have different needs when buying a boot. Some look for boots that are stylish and have a good design, some look for boots with durability, some look for protectiveness, and others look for convenience.

If you are someone who is always in a rush, and always seems to reach late to work, a lace-less boot will be the perfect fit for you.

The best work boots without laces can be put on within seconds. These boots can be as high as your knees! So, the boots will surely be protective.

In this guide, we have noted down the top work boots with the top features. If you are confused about which laceless boot you should purchase, just take a quick scan at our review!

Comparison Chart

ProductShaft HeightHeel HeightBoot OpeningMaterial
Ariat Men’s Groundbreaker Square Toe11 Inches1 Inch14 InchLeather And Suede
Wolverine Men’s Rancher 10″ Square Toe Steel Toe Work Boot11.5 Inch1.75 Inch14 Inch100% Leather
ROCKROOSTER Work Boots For Men6 Inch1 Inch Approximately13 Inch ApproximatelyOiled Leather
Skechers Men’s Blaine Orsen Ankle Boot5 Inch Approximately0.5 Inch Approximately13 Inch ApproximatelyLeather
Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo Gr500 Work Boot4 Inch4 Inch13 Inch ApproximatelyLeather And Polyurethane
Carhartt Men’s 11-Inch Waterproof Safety Toe Wellington11 Inch1.5 Inch14-Inch Approximately100% Leather

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