Can You Put Work Boots in the Dryer?

In those crazy hectic workdays, the last problem you may want to face is your stinky feet! Are you plan on putting your boots in the dryer? But don’t forget about your work boots’ health issues too! So, to rapidly dry your work boots, can you put work boots in the dryer?

Many people worry about putting their boots in the dryer because boots are such an integral part of working culture. There are many points of view on this subject; therefore, we’ll try to present some facts and dispel some falsehoods.

Read on to find out if it’s possible or safe to put your work boots in the dryer after you’ve worn them.

Can You Put Work Boots in the Dryer?

You would want your work boots to dry fast for quick use. Hence, putting work boots in a dryer is a tempting option. But can you indeed put the work boots in the dryer? Or, do boot dryers really work?

Although technically speaking, it is possible; you should never experiment with the regular hairdryer. The excess heat of the dryer might shrink the premium leather of the work boot and damage it permanently. At the worst, it may even ruin the shape of the work boots, and you will find it unusable. 

Hence, consider these points before you decide to put your work boots in the dryer. It will help you make a quick decision. 

Can You Put Work Boots in the Dryer?

Things You Should Know Before Deciding To Put Your Work Boots In The Dryer

You should never put your work boots or maybe even a regular pair of shoes in the dryer, whether they are work boots or just a pair of shoes. Tossing your boots in the dryer to give them a nice clean look is all too common, but it may be quite damaging to the condition of your boots.

I don’t know about you, but I have a pair of leather work boots that I have used on multiple job sites. I’m sure you have a pair of work boots in your closet that you don’t want to part with just yet. That is why these points are so important to keep in mind.

  • The heat is the most intimidating aspect of drying your boots. The leather in your boots may shrink and fracture if you dry them in hot conditions. Some people even claim that this can happen when the heat is turned down low.
  • Another issue with placing shoes in the dryer is that it distorts their shape and results in a distorted appearance.
  • Dry cleaning your boots is a cost-effective way to maintain them in good condition. However, in some cases, hand-washing your boots are the best option.
  • Dryers use a lot of energy and cost $9 billion per year in the United States. This is because dryers consume a lot of energy and do not dry garments faster than other heat sources. So, if you want to be environmentally conscious, consider drying your shoes in a green manner to conserve energy.

So, I hope now you understand how much harm the dryer can cause to your work boots. And when it concerns drying your boots, the golden rule is not to employ an artificial heat source.

Is It Possible To Dry Steel-Toed Work Boots In The Dryer?

Steel-toed work boots are made to withstand impact and compression in the workplace or on the job site. These boots have a steel plate covering the toes of the boot that is put into a rubber composite to form a firm, durable surface. They’re most commonly employed in industrial settings where falling objects and dangerous devices are concerned.

You might be tempted to put your steel-toed boots in the dryer if they’re breaking apart. This, however, is not an option. Steel-toe boots are designed to keep you safe on the work by repelling water. Steel-toe boots will be ruined by the heat and tumble motion of a dryer, but they will appear brand new when you pull them out!

So, Steel Toe Boots Shouldn’t Go in the Dryer!

The heat and steam that would enter the metal through a dryer cycle would cause corrosion and eventually damage the substance.

Can You Put Composite Toe Work Boots In The Dryer?

Work boots with composite toes are some of the most comfortable on the market. They offer an additional layer of protection and a steel toe cap to safeguard your feet from falling items and other potential hazards.

Is it, nevertheless, possible to place composite toe work boots in the dryer?

Yes, to put it more succinctly. You should, however, remove your boots as quickly as possible and let them air dry. It is not good to put composite toe work boots in the dryer since it can harm the composite toes.

So, if you want to be safe, air dries all types of work boots you own.

Five Ways To Quickly Dry Your Work Boots

If you work in construction, you understand the necessity of having dry footwear. A drenched footwear can cause various issues, including slipping and even falling from dangerous heights. One of the most significant drawbacks in the construction sector is the need to dry boots. This post will assist you in drying them quickly if you are in a rush.

You won’t have to spend time at home waiting for your work boots to dry because there are numerous techniques for doing so. Here are a few examples of those techniques:

Allow Them To Air Dry

It may sound cheesy, but leaving your work boots outdoors overnight in the sun or a well-ventilated area is one of the most effective ways to remove dampness.

Keep your work boots in a diagonal position with the opening confronting the sun for the best results. To prevent messing up the leather in your work boots, keep them out of direct sunlight.

Make Use Of Rice

Rice absorbs a lot of moisture, so if you have a bucket and a lot of rice on hand, you’ll have just what you need to dry out your work boots.

To let the rice work its wonder, simply fill a bucket with rice and dunk your work boots in it.

If your work boots are completely drenched, this method may not work, but if they’re just a little damp, the rice will do the trick in a few hours.

Make Use of a Fan

A fan can easily dry your boots if it is not breezy or particularly sunny outside. Hang your work boots securely to the fan’s frame with the bootlaces for the greatest effects.

To get better results, leave your work boots in the sunlight while positioning a fan in front of it.

Use a Towel

Separate the laces and insoles from your work boots if they’re wet and dry them individually. After that, stuff a towel into your work boots and cover them completely in another towel.

Leave your work boots on it while tucked up in front of a blower for speedier results.

Use a Boot Dryer.

Boot dryers are electrical devices designed to accomplish exactly what their name suggests: dry boots. But do boot dryers really work? 

Yes, boot dryers work brilliantly to dry your work boots speedily and securely. If you are in a hurry, you can opt for the boot dryers for a quick result. 

There are a variety of dryers available, ranging from heating to Ultraviolet light. The best part is that boot dryers are made specifically for caring for your boots, unlike a hair drier, which can burn the leather of a work boot. So, it won’t shrink the work boot leather and damage it. 


Regardless of how tempting it may be to toss your work boots into the dryer, we strongly advise against it unless you plan on pushing your dryer’s limitations and discarding your work boots. This is only a question of how long before your work boots disintegrate, and if you’re fortunate, they’ll come out poorer than they used to be before you set them in, despite the temperature you use in your dryer.

However, you may choose a high-end boot dryer with the proper guideline. But, air drying your work boots is the best way. 

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