How Cleaning Work Boots With Household Items

Steel-toe boots or safety shoes, mostly known as work boots, are used to support and protect your feet in workplaces from hazards while ensuring comfort. The work boots are highly durable with premium construction to withstand the abuses in the workplace. 

However, these boots are vulnerable against dirt, grime, debris, and other items in the workplace that make dirty quickly. Thankfully, you can clean up these work boots with a few household items only. 

Here we will discuss the top tips on how cleaning work boots with household items can ease your pain while removing dirt from it to give a shiny look. It will also prolong the lifespan of the work boot while spending not too much for cleaning it.

Key Reasons to Wear Work Boots

Whether in a construction worksites or industrial environment, when the question of safety of those workers raises, the first thing that comes to mind are heavy-duty footwear such as working boots. These boots have been delineated to keep safe and sound the feet from any hazards. These boots are essential in completion of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of those workplaces. Also, there are numerous reasons to have work boots in construction area’s knapsack. 

Barrier From Injuries

Work boots are mainly manufactured to provide more stability in different varieties of surfaces, helping in reducing the risk of fall down or slips, which can lead to an injury. The most common injuries by slipping are sprains and strains that are associated with low quality footwear. A good work boots are designed to provide protection from chemical spills or electrical hazards along with other task-related potential risks. Because these boots come with slip-resistant soles to protect one from slipping or with metal guards protecting himself from getting shock of high voltages which may even cost his life.

Avoiding Litigation

A perfect work boots also helps predominantly the owner of the industry of the company. Wearing a good working boot will help in preventing unnecessary impediments and lawsuits. This also saves a great amount of money in the long run, otherwise spending compensating employees from their injuries. 

Safeguard From Keen Object Penetration

Many industries are held on producing sharpened objects. There workers have to work with sharp objects laid out on the floor and these objects frequently come into their routing path. If they don’t have protection of their feet, this keen material can injure them severely. So boots with heavy-duty thick soles along with anti-puncture materials offer them the best protection and safe-guard the workers and also surrounding. 

Avert Fatigue and Keep Healthy

In commercial workplaces that presume manual employees, it is so common to stand all day on hard surfaces like concrete. This causes fatigue on the muscles in the feet, legs and back which can worsen without appropriate footwear. Wearing work boots can provide cushioning and arch brace which can ease stress on the muscles and dramatically increase overall comfort. This guides to less fatigue in workers can help in escalating productivity and efficiency in the environment.

Why Do The Work Boots Need to Remain Clean?

As the work boots are significantly helpful to the workers, it is also worth mentioning that a good pair of boots are also so expensive. And it will be extremely downhearted seeing these helpful materials gradually lose their own beauty due to improper cleaning methods.

In addition getting a new pair of shoes or getting them efficiently cleaned are also expensive options.

So the easiest and most effective solution can be finding a proper cleaning technique for your work boots. Here the main reason or motive should be letting the boots serve to its intended purpose for an extended period of time or ensuring the boots restores to its brand new lok and quality. 

How Cleaning Work Boots With Household Items Can Ease Your Pain

When you clean your work boot, it remains free of dirt and allergic build-ups. Therefore, you will enjoy greater comfort with these work boots. 

On top of it, a clean pair of work boots will feel comfy due to proper maintenance. Thus, you should always wear clean work boots to remedy any inconveniences. However, cleaning work boots from outside can be expensive. Also, it kills your valuable time. 

Thankfully, we have found some incredible household items that will truly help you clean the work boots like a pro. 

So, let’s dig deep into the discussion. 

How Cleaning Work Boots with Household Items

Precautions of Cleaning Work Boots With Household Items:

Nowadays, fortunately cleansing boots require only the items anyone can find commonly at home or more specifically your own kitchen. But some points should be kept in mind. You should be patient in cleaning your boots. This is not a scurry process at all. You should clean every part of your shoes apparently from others. Give your shoes enough time to dry at room temperature. Leave your shoes to dry completely before applying polish, conditioner or weather proof to give longevity of the boots. Never use a hair dryer or any heat method to dry it quickly as this can damage the skin. 

Keeping these indications in mind, let’s see the items and materials to clean your dirty pairs.

Materials Required To Clean Your Boots

Here are the most common materials you can find in your home or your kitchen that helps cleaning the dirty boots.

These items are:

  • Dry towel/Leather cleaner 
  •  Vinegar
  •  Baking soda 
  •   Dishwashing soap 
  •   Hair conditioner 
  •   Olive oil 
  •  Aromatic powder
  •  Toothpaste 
  •  Vaseline 

Dry Towel or Leather Cleaner:

To clean your dirt, you can use the leather cleaner method. In this method, remove the dirt with a soft leather cloth. Wipe out the dirt and wrinkle as much as possible with a dry clean towel or a leather. For example, you can wipe dust or mud swiftly and remove any excess waste.

Also using a cleaner with a soft brush can be helpful. As long as the cleaner comes on the top of an applicator, you can use it to rub claire into boots. If it is not, use a soft brush or cloth to run it. Be careful, you cannot and should not use sponges as an alternative to cloth or leather. As it contains chemicals, it can harm your boot’s skin.


One of the first recommended things you can use to clean your boots from salt stains is to use vinegar as a solution. First, take one cup of water with one tablespoon of vinegar and mix it. Now take a paper towel and dip into the mixture and start cleaning the salt stains from your leather boots. After wiping out salt stains with mixture, take a dry paper and suck out the extravagant vinegar solution from the boots.

Here the solution puts away all the stains from boots making it full-clean. Just keep in mind that never use vinegar straight to the boots as it can vapor the skin, so always dilute with water.

Baking Soda:

One of the most common issues while cleaning the boots is the oil strains. This is the most stubborn mark that debris to get off of the skin. Now it is no longer a secret that baking soda is the best agent to use against the oils. Besides, baking soda is now one of the most popularly used cleaning agents in terms of wiping out oils. At first in a mixing bowl add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and add water. At the same time use a stick to mix it until it becomes a thin paste. Now pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the oil strains of the boot. After spraying it, allow the baking soda to stay in the boots overnight or at least 4-5 hours. Then take a towel and gently rub out the mixture to prevent damaging the skin. The baking soda will erase the grease stain or dirt, furthermore allowing the boots to relish a full clean and brand new experience.

Dishwash Soap:

If you wish to get clean boots regularly, then a dish shop can be the most convenient option. First dilute the soap with water and dip a piece of cloth into the soap solution. Now rub the cloth with the solution on to the leather boots gently till the stains wipe off. Be sure to take out the laces before starting to clean them. Usually the cotton laces need more time to dry than the boot itself

Hair Conditioner:

Another household material you can use as a strong agent of cleaning solution for your wook boot is a hair conditioner. It can be a great choice if you want to clean your boots with any hesitation or experiencing any troubles. As hair conditioner treats a soft but more cleaning look, it can be also looking forward to doing a great venture in order to treat your leather boots.

So to use hair conditioner as your agent, first mix your hair conditioner with water in a liquid consistency. Then take a tooth brush and rub the mixture on your shoes in a slow, gentle circular motion then keep it for about 5minutes. Then take off the mixture with a wet cloth or a soft leather carefully so that the boots are not covered with wet or water. Now dry the boot under the sun or at room temperature.

The incredible wax properties of the conditioner will give your boot a quick and efficient clean. Also there is no precaution to use any expensive ones. So this is considered as a cost-effective technique to give your work boots look completely polished and durability.

Olive oil:

Just as hair conditioner, olive oil also can be a perfect agent to restore shine to your boots. Because it is cheaper than hair conditioner and you will definitely find this in any house. Olive oil is a more attractive method than any other when the question raises about polishing. Using this, your boots may shine like never before and all in all, this can be a great offer for you to get a quick with perfect shining.


You can use toothpaste as an alternative to baking soda to rescue yourself struggling with the scuff marks on the skin of your boots. First take a good amount of toothpaste on the scuff marks. Keep it for about half an hour then take a brush to break down the marks. Then take a piece of paper of soft cloth and rub it. It will be enough to make your scuff marks totally gone without any fuss.

Aromatic/Talcum Powder:

If you are done scraping with greeaze, then you can find talcum powder as your true friend. The effectiveness of talcum powder is mesmerizing once you start to apply it to remove your greaze. The great point of using talcum powder is despite being affordable, it is suitable to use. Also another great reason can be helped up for it as being naturally produced. Many also distinguish that its true power is being naturally absorbent allows it to work preciously in absorbing grease and also not giving a single harmful effect on the boots. Some recommend cornstarch as an alternative. Though it is true, the main benefits of using talcum powder over cornstarch is the effectiveness of absorbing dirt and grease stains in your work boots. So many true boot owens and users prefer to use aromatic powder.


You might wonder how vaseline can help you in polishing your shoes. You may know that vaseline helps our skin to keep moisturizing and shiney and remove any oiliness from skin. The same thing can be applied in your boots to take off the scuff marks. Just apply it in the scuff marks generously and wait until the marks look like floating in the vaseline ocean. It should take about 5 to 10 minutes. Then rub with cloth and your scuff marks will be gone without any hassle.


So we have shown some very common yet recommended methods of how you can clean your work boots with household items. No doubt, there are numerous methods you can find on the internet but those are not highly recommended or may be costly or may not be too generous for your shoes. Also these items are so common for a house, you can save yourself some money which you have wanted and for that you have searched for it on the internet. What we are giving you is the easiest way and you can implement it quite easily. Therefore, some of you might hesitate in applying this, but we can assure you that your boots will do no harm because we are using them in everyday life. But if you actually do encounter any problem from soliciting any of the methods, please let me know and I’ll be more thankful to help you out as it will concern me to check-out the method and help me to make others aware. 

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