How To Keep Your Work Boots From Smelling

Being a boot lover, you know how important and helpful it is to wear a good-quality boot on your workstation. Indeed, work boots help keep the feet warm and straight and protect the toe from various injuries. While working for a long time, we often notice that our boots get dirty and spread bad smells.

As a result, it gets pretty hard to continue working with the smelly boots and puts bad impressions on our work. Following the reality, boot lovers must learn why their work boots smell like mildew and how to keep your work boots from smelling. 

If you don’t know how to handle this difficult situation, our article will help you come out of this problem. So, keep your attention here, and let’s get started. 

How To Keep Your Work Boots From Smelling

Why Do My Work Boots Smell Like Cat Pee

The one thing that’s guaranteed to ruin your day is when you get home from work and realize your work boots smell like cat pee. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a cat or even like cats. You can tell the difference between dog urine and cat urine because they have different odors. If your shoes are smelling like kitty litter, it’s probably time for new ones! 

Let’s check some of the reasons behind the bad smell of your work boots –

Choosing Inappropriate Boots

While working in a heavy-duty workspace means you have to wear a high-quality work boot for a long time. If you don’t wear a good pair of work boots in those challenging situations, you will face several difficulties like foot sprain, pain in the ankle and ball of your foot, disbalance while moving, blisters, sweating, etc. 

In addition, choosing an unsuitable work boot can be a significant cause of embarrassing odors. Because wearing inappropriate boots doesn’t ensure enough breathing support, the foot cannot move freely in a stagnant space, and ultimately, it spreads odors.

Don’t Use Socks Regularly

Every human being behaves like a robot to keep pace with the modern world. But still, we are human beings, and we make several mistakes in our day-to-day life. For example, we all know wearing shock boots is a compulsory part and it’s the best way to keep our feet safe and secure.

Yet, the saddest part is most of us forget to wear clean and proper socks with our favorite boots frequently. Due to this reason,  the work boots smell like mildew.

Unaware of Cleanliness 

Everyone knows that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Generally, we won’t be entitled to good health if we do not regularly clean our bodies and daily usable products. So, cleaning our everyday usable important things like work boots is a must.

Otherwise, an unclean and ugly work boot will indeed smell like cat pee.

Used in Dirty Places

As a regular worker, you have to go to different places throughout the day. By accepting hot and wet weather, you complete all of your work daily inside your workspace. In the meantime, you and your work boots pass through different situations where dirt and filth places may appear several times.

While going through those challenging situations, your work boot gets dirty and looks unwearable. So, it goes without saying that using work boots in dirty places is one of the major reasons for bad smelling boots.

Forget To Use Essential Oil 

Essential oil is an essential item for all types of work boots. If you don’t apply essential oil on your boots, it will definitely stink. Remember, if you don’t take proper care of your work boots with essential oils and a soft brush, you won’t be able to use your boots for long and work boots smell like mildew.

Unclean Feets

Needless to say, unclean everything is harmful to health. Every human organ is important, and people should take care of every part individually. Unclean feet belong to an unfriendly person. Dirty and unclean feet is another main cause of work boots that smell like mildew. 

Bad Weather Effect

Due to bad weather conditions, it gets really difficult for people always to keep their boots fresh and clean. As a result, the work boots smell like cat pee, and it needs to be repaired and refreshed soon. 

How To Get The Smell Out Of Work Boots

In the workplace, there are certain rules that have to be followed. One of those rules is making sure your shoes don’t smell before entering a client’s office. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to keep up with this rule when you spend all day in your boots and they begin to stink because of sweat and bacteria. 

If you want to make sure your work boots always look clean and fresh for every client meeting, try these simple steps –

Use Appropriate Boots

As you are wishing to know how to prevent work boots from smelling, we suggest you buy appropriate boots first. Right boot means owning a boot with accurate size with high-quality materials inside. Additionally, it is important to check if there is proper space available inside the boot or not.

Remember, a suitable boot will fit the size, and it will keep enough shifting space so that the user feels free to move their feet. After getting sure about this, he can stay pressure-free and gain an advantage to prevent his boots from smelling bad. 

Follow a Routine To Maintain Cleanliness

Following a cleaning routine is a must to keep your boot from bad odor. Usually, we visit different places every day and come back home with dirty and smelly shoes. As an ordinary person, you can’t stop yourself from visiting such areas, but you can stay aware of cleanliness rules and maintain the routine daily or weekly. 

Importantly, keep some time for cleaning your work boots and trust us, this habit will keep your boots fresh and comfortable to use on future occasions. 

Apply Essential Oils

Another great way to stop work boots smell like mildew is by using essential oils in them daily. There are a variety of essential oils available online. So, you can buy suitable boots oils from a reliable source then put a drop of it inside your boot while going out or leaving it at home. 

Take Care of Your Feets Daily

By taking good care of our physical and mental health, we can stay safe from several diseases. Following this truth, we should keep our feet and work boots fresh and clean. In this case, you can use a towel and bad odor preventing sprays so that you stay aware of how to avoid work boots from smelling and enjoy happiness.

Put On Proper Socks

As we said earlier, most people are not conscious of wearing good-quality shocks with their favorite boots. Even sometimes, they frequently forget to change their socks due to their hurry. Ultimately, keeping this harmful habit impacts the health of the feet and boot.

As a concerned user, if you really want to stay safe and aim to remove bad smelling from your leg as well as your feet, try changing your socks daily. Additionally, you can use good-quality moisture-controlling socks so your feet can breathe and comfort freely inside the fixed boot area. 

Avoid Going Dirty Places

We know that the following strategy is quite challenging to maintain because you have to go to different places to work with boots all day. There you can’t stop yourself from going to dirty places, but still, a little bit of awareness can make a great difference. 

Especially in the rainy season, when it gets too rainy, you can take your boot from your feet and use slippers instead. This action will help you keep your boot dry and prevent bad smelling as well.

Kill Bacteria From Work Boots

Actually, some bacterias are really dangerous, and they are the main reason for smelling bad in your boots. In order to keep your work boots fresh, you can use Teabags, some sort of alcohol, and of course, you can get a better result here by using antibacterial soap and freshwater to clean your boots from bacteria attacks. 

Store Your Boots In Lighting Space

Usually, when we keep our work boots in the dark and unsuitable place, bacteria get an easy advantage of making the shoes stink. What you can do in this case is that after coming from your workstation, store your boots in a natural lighting space so that the stagnant smell quickly gets mixed with the natural air. 

Keep Alternative Boots

Actually, most people feel buying a single pair of high-quality work boots can offer great benefits and provide more extended service. Admittedly, it’s true that a perfect boot is ready to ensure better service; but that doesn’t mean that you should use the same boot every day. 

Keeping heavy pressure on a single pair of work boots may result in bad smelling and require frequent repairing. So, we suggest our readers keep alternative boots always adjacent to their favorite work boots so that you won’t need to feel tension about bad odor. 

Final Words

At last, we can say you have gathered great knowledge concerning how to prevent work boots from smelling. This is high time to take some necessary actions to remove the painful smell from your daily work. Follow our mentioned tips and enjoy a peaceful day at your job.

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