How to Take Care of Leather Work Boots

Wearing a nice pair of work boots during work time means a heavy-duty worker will get the best protection of the feet and work more attentively. Inside all the work boots categories, leather work boots look very trendy and adjustable to wear on various occasions. 

Considering the reality, people are now encouraging themselves to buy high-quality leather work boots, and that is why they are paying a lot for them. But, just like each thing, top-notch leather work boots also need proper cleaning and maintenance as well.

If you don’t clean and maintain your favorite work boots every day, it can cause bad smells, and after a few days, they can die very quickly. After spending a large budget on high-quality leather work boots, a frugal person will never want them to wear out quickly. 

That is why he should learn how to take care of leather work boots properly so that he can use the boots for a more extended period of time with the same clean appearance.

How to Take Care of Leather Work Boots – 5 Ways

When you are ready for taking care of leather boots properly, you need to follow some special care techniques to maintain a hygienic routine every day. Significantly, these unique hacks are always effective for new and old leather work boots. So, no matter how bad the condition of your boots is considered here, you will soon get a positive result by ensuring leather work boot care.

How to Take Care of Leather Work Boots

Importantly, you should know that all of the mentioned ways are practically proven and approved by professionals. That is why, when you apply the methods, you will surely get excellent output indeed. Without talking furthermore, let’s start knowing the ways one by one.

Breaking in The Pair

The first and foremost way to take care of leather work boots is the break in the pair. That means when you get your new pair of leather work boots, try to wear them frequently and keep a good trail around your house. Before you wear work boots in your challenging work environments, it is always better to break the pair around a good place. 

It is always a good idea to practice the footwear and make a good start. Indeed, forming a good practice for your new work boots will also ensure better flexibility and less maintenance as well. Generally, you can walk or run with your work boots around your home for at least 7-10 normal days.

Although the break-in period can be extended by applying a conditioner to the entire boot constructor, the routine break-in dramatically extends the longevity perfectly. Usually, when people wear their new work boots, they feel very excited and don’t think twice about increasing their longevity. They wear it and go to their workplace. But at the end of the day, their excitement results in unexpected hot spots and blisters on their new pairs. 

Therefore, you must maintain a good relation with your feet and leather work boots so that you can expect good service at last. 

Cleaning Your Daily Work Boots

A concerned consumer always cleans their work boots regularly and keeps a hygienic environment. Indeed, cleaning is a must. No matter how long you have been using your new or old work boots, if you don’t clean them properly, they will catch dirt or debris over the body. 

Once you buy costly leather work boots, you must schedule a cleaning routine as well as you have to buy cleaning brushes, clothes, and other necessary items along with it. When your boots get too dirty, there is no way left but taking care of the leather boots.

There you can use new and clean cotton cloths to remove the dirt from the body of the work boots. In order to reduce your cost, you can take your old cotton t-shirts instead. Then you can cut them into several pieces so you can throw the regular piece once you complete your daily cleaning schedule. 

Plus, a good-quality cleaning brush works really great in this case. Take the brush in one hand and float one of the boots in the air with another hand. Then rub it gently to clean all the dirty things. Don’t stop rubbing until you notice the lather on the body. 

Remove Stains

It goes without saying that if anyone does not take care of their precious leather work boot, it will continuously attract stains and make the entire body unsuitable to wear. When you notice your favorite boots are infected with oil or grease stains, you should make a mixture of baking soda and clean water quickly. 

After that, take a clean and soft cloth and rub the infected part with the paste. Please don’t wash them too quickly; instead, you have to leave the boots to interact for a couple of minutes with the water paste perfectly. 

Sometimes salt stains cause severe damage to the regular work boots and leave permanent dirt marks until you deep wash them. So, what’s the best way to remove salt stains? To remove salt stains, you will require: 

  • Two (2) pieces of clean and soft cloths,
  • Fresh water,
  • Vinegar. 

Once you manage all the mentioned elements, you can follow the mentioned procedure below to get a good result quickly:

  • At first, make a paste of water and vinegar in a 50:50 portion. 
  • Then, put your clothes inside the paste. 
  • After that, take out the wet clothes and remove salt stains gently.
  • Next, take a dry cloth to absorb the water from the boots and wipe it off frequently.  
  • Once you have done it, leave your boots to dry in an open area condition. Remember, don’t let your boots dry in an overheated area that may cause side effects.
  • At last, take the dry boot in your hands and again rub it with a warm cloth to shine it. 

Conditioning Your Work Boots

In this particular part, you have to go through conditioning your work boots to ensure better leather work boot care. After cleaning and drying your work boots entirely, conditioning is a must to increase the lifespan of the boots, and it also shines your work boots smoothly.

Besides, this regular habit will leave your re-waterproof point aside and let you enjoy tension-free all the time. To reduce your cost in this term, you can keep your boots in a warm and breathable place so that they won’t get absorbed with a nasty smell, or you can use the shoe box to get a positive result. 

Significantly, different leather work boots have different types of leather coating. So, you should not apply the common conditioning until you find out the leather type. Most of the companies mention the leather quality in their shoe description. From there, you can understand it and then look for the best conditioning to polish your boots brightly. 

Try Waterproofing Your Pairs

Needless to say, good conditioning supports the leather’s waterproofing very smoothly. But if you frequently travel outside and go hiking, then normal conditioning won’t be enough to save your day. Regular conditioning looks polishing but is not ideal for ensuring waterproof activity. 

In order to waterproof your work boots, you can use silicone spray, beeswax, or liquid-based wax. 

If you choose silicone spray, it shows a good initial result but will not provide a good experience in the long run. On the other hand, beeswax is great for getting both conditioning, waterproofing, and taking care of leather boots. It will definitely work really great on full-grain leather. 

But if your leather work boot contains Gore-Tex liner, then you must avoid using beeswax as it can damage the boot’s extendibility. In this case, Gore-Tex liner leather work boots users go for using liquid-based wax materials to get the possible result accordingly. 

Remember, don’t use any of the waterproofing materials until you clean and dry your work boots. If you don’t follow the precautions, you might not properly take care of leather work boots. 

Why Should Take Care of Leather Boots? 

No matter how much money you put on your newly bought work boots, you must not forget that they won’t last long if you don’t ensure leather work boot care. Moreover, it is not so easy to find good-quality and genuine full-grain leather work boots as there are full of fraud shoe companies walking around here and there with low-quality material boots. 

No need to say again, leather work boot is one of the best and most anticipated work boot formats used in official terms. So, here you can’t compromise the boot quality as well as deny the importance of taking care of leather boots.

Ensuring a regular routine to take care of your leather work boots will increase boots’ durability and help them shine like the new pair all the time. Remember, a nice pair of work boots is always important to make a good impression on others. So, take the maintenance period seriously and get the expected result in your hand.

Final Statements

Significantly, regular heavy-duty workers always go through heavy work, and they will commonly face dirt, dampness, snow, salt, or stones in their full-grain leather work boots. The best way to remove that dirtiness, they have to take care of leather work boots regularly. 

So, always maintain a regular routine to form a good habit of leather work boot care to get the expected result every time. Day after day, you will work more confidently and enjoy a long-lasting, pleasant work boots experience. 

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