Is Mink Oil Good For Leather Work Boots

There is no doubt that mink oil is a saving grace for dull and old leather work boots. Mink oil brings back the shine and moisture in leather boots that might have been lost over time.

Mink oil efficiently lubricates the fiber in leather boots and moisturizes it thereby removing the old dull look and replacing it with a newer, flexible and more durable feel.

Although it is highly beneficial, excessive use of mink oil can become deteriorating to the quality and texture of leather work boots in the long run.

In this article, I’ll be explaining how to use mink oil properly to minimize damages, mink oil benefits and the dos and don’ts  of mink oil usage for leather work boots.

Is Mink Oil Good For Leather Work Boots

Mink Oil Good For Leather Work Boots?

A cautious application of mink oil to leather work boots is not necessarily damaging to the boots. However, constant application of mink oil to leather work boots can be damaging to the boots after long term usage. The question “if whether mink oil is good for leather boots or not” totally depends on your level and time frame of usage.

Consistent use of mink oil for a long time can make the leather soft and lead to clogging of the leather pores and eventually ruining the work boots.

Benefits Of Mink Oil On Leather Work Boots

Mink oil is a literal savior to leather work boots and has proven it’s effectiveness and brilliance in maintaining, restoring and conditioning leather work boots over the years. Some of it’s most prominently recognized benefits on leather work boots include:

  1. It can be used as a means of waterproofing leather work boots and making it resistant to water.
  2. It can soften hardened or tough boots.
  3. It works efficiently as a protector of leather boots from damages that may have occurred due to harsh weather conditions.
  4. It saves leather work boots from damaging effects of external bodies like mud, mildew and mold.
  5. It restores and conditions leather work boots, improving elasticity and durability in the process.
  6. It improves flexibility and toughness of leather work boots.
  7. It can help to darken light colored leather work boots.

How To Apply Mink Oil On Leather Work Boots?

To apply mink oil on your leather work boots, closely follow the following steps:

  1. Remove all dirt and grease from your boots using a towel or any lint-free material.
  2. Slightly dampen the cloth in warm water and clean again to remove tougher dirt on the work boots. If your boots are really clogged with dirt, then use soap and water to clean but avoid immersing the boots in water.
  3. Leave your leather work boots in a cool and well ventilated space till its completely dried.
  4. After the boots are dried, apply the mink oil in simple layers on the boots and leave for about 3 hours.
  5. Now use a lint-free cloth to wipe off the excess oil from the boots, wipe from side to side and front to back moving your hands firmly in a circular motion to draw out the oil.
  6. You can apply your desired leather polish to add more shine to the boots, then you’re done!

How Often Should You Apply Mink Oil On Leather Work Boots?

For simple leather work boots conditioning, apply mink oil once in two weeks and no more than that.

 However, if you desire a full wax coating for your work boots, you can do this once a year using mink oil as water proof. The mink oil to be used in this instance is the type that comes as wax, this should strictly be used once in a year.

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Mink Oil

In the application of mink oil to leather work boots, there are dos and don’ts that you need to know in order not to totally ruin your boots.

  1. If you own a light colored leather boot and would like to retain its color, do not apply mink oil on it as it will darken the leather.
  2. As I have stated earlier, do not apply mink oil more than once in two weeks because it will not only damage, but also rot the leather and stitching of the boots.
  3. Do not leave mink oil on your leather work boots for too long.
  4. Do not use mink oil on new boots and suede boots.


What are the alternatives for mink oil?

Yes! There are many other effective substitutes for mink oil which can be categorized under simple conditioning alternatives, and waterproofing alternatives.

The simple conditioning alternatives should be used when your aim is to only condition your leather work boots. They include; Coconut oil, Vegetable oil, Tartar cream, Leather conditioners, and Neatsfoot oil.

The waterproofing alternatives should be used when you intend to make your leather work boots resistant to water and condition them at the same time. They include Obenauf’s oil and Beeswax.

How do I correctly store mink oil?

Storing mink oil is pretty easy, you just have to keep it in a cool and dry environment at room temperature, then you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

Will mink oil soften my leather work boots?

Yes! Mink oil contains fatty acids, is waxy in nature, and has high moisturizing effects. Hence, it withholds moisture that can penetrate leather and soften its fibers. This is why it is essential to wipe off the excess oil after the mink oil has dried on the boots.

Can I use mink oil on all types of leather boots?

Absolutely! Mink oil is good for any type of leather work boot including oil tanned leather, polished leather, full grain leather etc but do not apply mink oil on suede boots and nubuck leather boots.

Final Words

Mink oil has remained one of the best leather oils over the years and its loved by most leather boot wearers. Although it has long term side effects, it is a go-to moisturizer and cure for dull worn out leather boots.

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