Most Comfortable Low Cut Work Boots With Buying Guide

Although technology and safety measures in different workplaces have developed dramatically, workers remain vulnerable to cuts, bleeding, and even fatal injuries. Thus, they look for different items to safeguard their bodies, and work boot is one of them. However, rugged and high top boots with added weight severely reduce workers’ comfort. The low cut steel toe boots can be a great savior with their lightweight and low cut design, in these cases for both comfort and safety.

Thus, we have reviewed the top ten most comfortable low cut work boots with detailed comparison, performance, design, and construction. It will help you find the right low top work boots to maximize your safety and comfort.

If you are a worker and move a lot, this review and buying guide on the low top work boots will be your jackpot deal. So, stay with us if you don’t want to compromise with comfort, safety and fun in your workplace for your feet and footwear.

What Is Low Cut Work Boot?

There are mainly two types of work boots according to the ankle height and design of the cut. These are high cut and low cut work boots. Unfortunately, the difference between the low top and high top boots and shoes is a pretty blur. So, people often become confused with the notions.

Nonetheless, according to our research, low cut work boots will not cover your ankle completely. It means the low top work boots will reach just below your ankle compared to high top boots that cover your ankle entirely. Also, low top work boots will have a lower collar.

The collar of boots refers to the part that hugs the ankle at the back of the boots.

A good way to find the low cut work boot is to look at their collar or shaft height. Usually, low cut work boots will have less than 4-inch shaft height. If the collar or shaft height is above 4-inch (at best), it will be referred to as high top boots.

Now that you know the definition of low cut work boots, it’s time to find its benefits. It will help you know how it will assist you regarding comfort and safety in your workplace.

Why Choose a Low-Cut Work Boot?

Slowly but surely, low cut work boots have emerged as one of the top choices among workers. But what makes these work boots so popular? Also, why should a worker choose low cut boots over high cut ones?

The following points will surely put light on it and help you decide if you should buy the low top work boots.

  • Low cut feature of boots offers better lateral movement. Also, it will boost your control during movements as it offers a full range of movement. It does so by not covering the ankle. As your ankle is free, it can quickly adapt and adjust according to your feet’ movement. So, you enjoy better control of your feet.
  • Low cut work boots won’t cover your ankle. So, you will enjoy improved freedom while walking without any foot restrictions. Also, it develops flexibility and prevents foot conditions such as ingrown heel or ankle.
  • Low cutwork boots are pretty responsive. So, it provides back the lost energy to your feet. It means you will feel less stressed and tired with these work boots on your feet.
  • Another unique benefit of low cut boots is their lightweight cushioning. Work boots can often get too weighty. So, low cut boots with lightweight cushioning are a blessing. It will surely improve your comfort, especially when you need to move and walk a lot.
  • Finally, work boots with low cut designs are highly comfortable. The lightweight cushioning, better control, and freedom during movement aim to maximize your comfort at the workplace.

Are Low Cut Work Boots Comfortable and Safe?

Many workers believe that low cut work boots aren’t safe as it keeps the ankle open. But, in reality, work boots with low cut design is as safe as their counterparts, high cut boots. Low cut work boots include all the safety features such as steel toe or composite toe, abrasion-resistant upper sole, and anti-slip outsole. So, you need not worry about the safety features of low top work boots.

Also, with lightweight cushioning and flexibility around your ankle, these boots are more comfortable than you might imagine. Once you wear these boots from our review list, your feet will thank you for providing them with outstanding comfort and safety.

Most Comfortable Low Cut Work Boots

The 10 Best Low Cut Work Boots

Are you done with your high top work boots and look for something more flexible and comfortable with a low cut design? Then, you will find the top ten most comfortable low cut work boot reviews here to match your workplace requirement and style statement perfectly.

So, let’s jump into it.

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Men's Memory Workshift-m Shoes

Nothing beats the Fila Men’s work shoe when it comes to comfort and performance at the workplace. It has a memory sockliner to give you perfect padding while you walk and stand. Also, the shoe has a brilliant anti-slip feature that keeps you safe on most surfaces.

It comes with a 3″ shaft for low top design and overwhelming features to withstand as one of our list’s top low cut work boots.

Additional comfort:

The best part about the Fila Men’s work shoes is their improved comfort with every step. It has a brilliant memory foam sockliner with the DLS foam midsole. The combination offers superior cushioning and comfort at workplaces to handle the challenges with ease.

Breathable design:

While the midsole offers cushion and the memory foam sockliner molds according to your foot’s shape, the breathable mesh lining always ensures a dry and cool feel. What’s more, its leather upper has tiny perforations and stitching accents. It also improves your breathability at work.

Anti-slip outsole:

With these Fila work boots on your feet, you will never need to worry about slips and tumbles, even on slippery floors. These work boots come with a solid rubber outsole. It has brilliant trade and traction that offers a superior grip. So, it has an outstanding anti-slip ability.

Composite toe:

The work boot is made with a composite toe for maximum safety of your feet from heavier objects. The lightweight composite toe relieves your feet from added pressure. It combines with the memory foam sockliner to enhance comfort in challenging conditions.

Wear and tear-resistance:

Thanks to the brilliant design, premium manufacturing, and materials, this pair of low top work boots are ready to withstand maximum wear and tear. It can easily serve you for years, and a few clients reported that they walked over 300 miles with these boots. It is incredible in any standard.


  • Leather and synthetic material meet every occupational requirement
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole with brilliant tread for safety
  • Lightweight sockliner and composite toe for comfort and protection
  • 3” shaft measurement for improved flexibility and movement


  • The shoe needs time to break in before wearing

Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe

Not every work boot puts a tick in every occupational requirement checkbox. So, every boot comes with its unique benefits. And the most amazing benefit of Skecher’s Felton shoe is its nitrile outsole. It makes the work boot chemical, oil, alkaline, acid, and animal-fat resistance. So, it is a great selection for those who mostly work in chemical industries, oil rigs, and slippery workplaces.

Supportive design:

The work boot includes a lace-up vamp and reinforced stitching. It also has a padded collar and tongue. Thus, it offers brilliant support to your feet throughout the day. It also relieves you from pain and stress with its lightweight design.

Nitrile outsole:

The outsole of the work boot is made with nitrile. So, it is oil, chemical, alkaline, acid, animal fat, and slip-resistance. The nitrile outsole can withstand up to 300°C temperature. Thus, this work boot is a perfect recommendation for workers in challenging situations for maximum safety and support.

Memory foam design:

The insole of the work boot has memory foam. It is lightweight and distributes your weight evenly across the entire boot. Also, its ability to mold according to the shape of your feet enhances support and comfort for workers.

Shock-absorbing ability:

The cushioned midsole is brilliant at absorbing shock and impacts while walking and running. So, it relieves your feet from injury risks. Also, the shoe lining is made with a soft lining that further works as a shock-absorbing facility.

Durable performance:

The Skechers work boot is made to last. It has a nitrile outsole which promises maximum durability. Also, premium synthetic material and reinforced stitching ensure it survives the wear and tears at the workplace for several years.


  • It is best for slippery floor with a nitrile outsole design
  • Padded collar and tongue stops blisters and burns
  • Affordable pricing with superior performance
  • Supportive midsole and memory foam for comfort


  • It lacks breathability

Skechers for Work 77055 Cankton Athletic Steel Toe Work Sneaker

Skechers for Work Cankton Athletic Steel Toe work sneaker

This work boot from Skechers is designed like a sneaker. Thus, it provides you with a bold and fashionable statement even at the workplace. Moreover, the work boot has a steel toe that ensures the best safety of your feet. The suede leather design also looks premium and comfy.

Steel toe:

This pair of low cut steel toe boots promise maximum safety of your feet in tough situations. The steel toe will protect your feet from heavier and falling objects. So, you don’t need to worry about anything else in the workplace.

Memory foam for support:

As it has memory foam inside, it distributes the weight of your body evenly. So, your feet are relieved from stress and fatigue. Also, it offers enhanced support. It makes the work boot ideal for walking and standing all day.

Relax and comfy fitting:

One of the key selling points of the Cankton work sneaker is its relaxed fit. Once you wear the boot, it will offer a pleasant hugging feel to your feet. Also, it is pretty lightweight at just 1 pound. So, you will love its comfy fit with every step. Also, it has unisex design that makes it a great choice for women’s low cut work boots.

Mesh and suede fabric design:

The suede upper looks premium on the sneaker. Also, it has a mesh design. Thus, it ensures optimal breathability to the work boot. It, therefore, keeps your feet dry and cool even during the warmer days.


  • Excellent and fashionable design
  • Steel toe cap for maximum work safety
  • All range of movement with low cut design
  • Relax fitting for a perfect hugging feel


  • It lacks proper tread for anti-slip feature

Timberland PRO Men’s Mudsill Steel-Toe Shoe

Timberland PRO Men's Mudsill Steel-Toe Shoe

You will never have to compromise your comfort, safety, and fashion with this Timberland low cut work boots pair. It combines Timberland’s unique Mudsill design, arch support, suspension feature, and modern style that you can’t ignore.

Comfort suspension:

Timberland has added their premium suspension system with this Mudsill work boot. It offers superior arch support. It is a great benefit if you walk and stand a lot as it needs maximum support to your arch. Also, it removes fatigue for an extended period.

Superior safety:

This Timberland steel toe work boot promises maximum protection to your feet. Its steel toe cap is optimized to keep your feet safe from heavy objects. Thus, you remain safe even while working in challenging situations.

Added cushioning:

This low cut steel toe work boot’s insole and midsole are made with EVA foam. It provides better cushioning. So, it reduces fatigue and stress. Also, you will love the snug fit without being numb and restricted for movement.

Rugged design and performance:

This work boot’s outsole and upper leather are made with premium and rugged material. So, it is ready to withstand maximum wear and tear at the workplace with its hiking silhouettes and abrasion-resistance materials.

Waterproof and anti-slip feature:

Timberland is a master at manufacturing waterproof work boots, and this Mudsill model carries the same legacy. Also, its tread is ideal for traction to promise slip resistance. It ensures your feet remain dry and safe in all slippery hazards.


  • The modern design looks stylish and functional
  • Rugged manufacturing is ideal for durability
  • Improved padding for fatigue-free wearability
  • Brilliant waterproof functioning in most places


  • The breathability isn’t pretty satisfactory

Skechers Men’s Low Cut Work Boots

Skechers Men's Low Cut Work Boots

The Mariner Utility Boot from Skechers is a perfect combination of modern-day fashion and comfort simultaneously. Also, it has an Air-Cooled memory foam design that has multi-layer construction for comfort, cushioning, and safety.

Stylish design:

Although work boots shouldn’t be recommended for stylish presentation, we couldn’t resist our temptation to include the Mariner Utility boot for its style and trendy design. It comes with a dark brown oiled leather upper and lace-up design that truly looks amazing. So, no more fashion compromise at the workplace.

Gel memory foam:

The memory foam has infused gel construction. It offers high-rebound and responsive features. So, you get rid of fatigue and stress. Also, it puts back the lost energy to your foot for all-day comfort. Also, it has air-cool technology to offer breathability for a drier and cooler feel.

Moisture-wicking facility:

Apart from the air-cool memory foam, the insole also has a moisture-wicking ability. So, you will enjoy its dry and cooler interior for the work boot. It is a great relief if you work in tropical conditions and a high humidity workplace.

Contouring feature:

The footbed of the work booth has a contouring facility. So, it will mold according to the shape of your feet. It means your feet will enjoy increased comfort the more you wear the work boot. It also has a quick break-in time to prevent blisters.

Durable performance:

The upper leather is oiled for smoothness and abrasion-resistant design. It offers outstanding durability. Also, the outsole is made with rugged material and has great traction. It offers both great slip resistance and long-lasting performance.


  • Padded collar stops blisters and burns
  • 100% full-grain leather construction
  • Excellent anti-slip and waterproof design
  • Brilliant response and breathability for comfort


  • The work boot is heavier

KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

EEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

This Keen Utility Men’s low top work boot is the most comfortable low cut work boot on our list with Nubuck leather design, midfoot support, EVA midsole, and slip-resistant outsole. The work shoe also has a large opening and steel toe as part of Keen’s promise of safety and comfort for workers.

Pull-on design:

The 12″ opening of the shoe makes wearing and putting off the shoe a brisk task. You can wear the low cut slip-on work boots within seconds. The large opening will help you superbly in this purpose.

Internal arch support:

The EVA footbed is removable and has dual-density construction. At one end, it ensures brilliant support to your arch. On the other end, it matches your foot shape. So, you will love its enhanced support for daylong comfort and fun.

Natural and snug fit:

This work boot from Keen Utility is inspired by hiking fit. So, the work boot offers a brilliant snug fit. It releases pressure from the feet. On top of it, the roomy toe box ensures your feet enjoy space without being limited and stressed.

Reinforced toe box:

The reinforced steel toe of the work boot is asymmetrical. So, the low cut steel toe boots relieve you from the anxiety of low and big toes. Also, the toe box is spacious. It is highly functional and saves you from impacts and shocks for maximum safety and comfort.

Rugged and waterproof design:

The work boot has Nubuck leather upper. Also, it has a Torsional Stability Shank (TSS) feature. The Nubuck leather offers a superior waterproof facility. On the other side, TSS ensures shank support for safety. So, you are well protected in your workplace.


  • Odor protection with CleanSport NXT(TM)
  • The outsole is anti-oil and slips for safety
  • Quick pull-on design for prompt wearing
  • Rugged design for durability and performance


  • It lacks breathability

Reebok Men’s Rb4041 Sublite Work Industrial & Construction Shoe

Reebok Men's Sublite Work Industrial & Construction Shoe

If you work in a construction site or industry, the Reebok Sublite work shoe is the perfect selection for your comfort and safety. Plus, the shoe looks trendy and durable. So, you will never be disappointed with this pair of low top work boots on your feet.

Mobility and flexibility:

The grooves of these work shoes offer full flexibility. So, you will get the full range of mobility with this pair of work shoes. Also, its improved flexibility supports the better movement. It is a convenient feature for construction sites where you need to move in challenging situations.

Easy mobility and athletic look:

This shoe has a low cut design with 2″ shaft measurement. It, too, enhances your mobility and support around the ankle. So, you can move freely without any stress and fatigue to your feet with this low cut slip-on work boot.

Lightweight design and alloy toe:

The toe box of the shoe is made with an alloy toe. Thus, the low cut aloe toe boot is lighter than the steel toe box, ensuring maximum safety to your feet. Also, the midsole is made with Sublite foam. It is lightweight for a fatigue-free wearing experience. Plus, its soft support, along with cushioning, is truly admirable.

Mesh upper:

The upper part of the work boot is made with mesh fabric. It provides one-of-a-kind ventilation to increase breathability. So, you will enjoy improved comfort even in the most humid workplace with a drier interior.

Anti-slip feature:

The outsole has modern treads. Its pattern and grooves are made to survive the most slippery surfaces on the planet. So, you may walk and stand confidently on the slippery surfaces at construction sites and industrial workplaces.


  • Lightweight alloy toe for comfort and safety
  • Brilliant support with the Sublite midsole foam
  • Quick slip-on feature with low cut boot design
  • 100% mesh fabric for breathability and ventilation


  • It isn’t waterproof

Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot

Georgia Boot Men's Georgia Giant High Romeo Work Boot

Georgia Boot is known for manufacturing stylish yet functional work boots, and their Giant Romeo GR500 truly upholds it. With the Good Year welt construction, full-grain leather upper, and sturdy toe box, this work boot perfectly meets your requirements.

Good Year welt design:

This shoe has Good Year welt construction which means it comes with natural felt or cork-made footbed between the outsole and midsole. Also, this shoe has a steel shank with a lining that offers lightweight cushioning and insulation. So, you will enjoy better comfort and cushioning with this shoe.

Full-grain leather construction:

The leather used in this shoe is full-grain, which is the highest standard leather for shoes. It ensures durability and a premium look. Also, full-grain leather becomes better as it gets older. So, you don’t need to worry about its longevity at all.

Cushioned midsole:

Its midsole is made of EVA foam. So, you will get great padding with it. Also, the snug fit provides you with a nice hugging feel. It, thus, ensures your feet remain fatigued and stress-free during those long working hours. Also, it has a mesh cover for breathability.

Comfy and long-lasting outsole:

The outsole of the low cut pull-on work boot is made with PU material. It offers a lightweight feel and is ready to withstand extensive wear and tear in workplaces. So, you will get a great value for money for this work boot.


  • Stylish finish and with full-grain leather design
  • High-performing midsole and cushioning for comfort
  • A quick pull on facility with dual pull loops feature
  • Covers the ankle for better protection at the workplace


  • It lacks breathability
  • The pull loops get damaged soon

Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Oxford Alloy Toe Industrial Work Shoe

Timberland PRO Men's Titan Oxford Alloy Toe Industrial Work Shoe

The Timberland low cut work boot is made to provide maximum safety to blue color workers without compromising comfort and durability. This pair of work boots has a lightweight alloy safety toe, PowerFit midsole for comfort, and 3″ shaft height for maximum mobility.

Superior comfort:

The low top work boot comes with Timberland’s patented PowerFit Comfort system. It is responsive, and so releases fatigue and pressure. Also, the collar has adequate padding to prevent blisters and burns even after wearing the shoe for hours.

Safety measurements:

For safety purposes, this shoe has an alloy safety toe. The alloy toe offers excellent protection from heavier materials while still being lightweight. So, you won’t feel burdened. Also, the metal grommets further intensify your safety.

Handcrafted sole:

The sole of this work boot is 100% manmade. So, you will enjoy excellent stitching along the sole. It also uses premium materials. So, rest assured of getting long-lasting service with this work boot on your feet.


The work boot has a skid-resistance outsole design. So, you can choose it for industrial workplaces and construction sites. Also, its sole will serve you for several years with good wear and tear resistance for sure.


  • Sturdy but pliable leather upper for mobility
  • Great flexibility and cushioning for workers
  • Lightweight safety alloy toe ensures comfort and safety


  • It sweats inside without any ventilation

Carhartt Men’s Oxford Black Steel Toe CMO3251 Industrial Boot

Carhartt Men's Oxford Black Steel Toe CMO3251 Industrial Boot

Carhartt is a leading work boot manufacturer out there. Once you wear this low top work boot from Carhartt, you will know why they lead the industry. This industrial work boot has a steel toe, large boot opening, 30% better grip, and FastDry technology for a drier and cooler interior. So, it never compromises with comfort and safety of your feet. Plus, it has electrical hazard protection for maximum safety.

Advanced footbed design:

The footbed of this work boot is specially engineered with 120,000 3D Foot scans. So, what does it brings to the table? Well, it offers you unbeatable comfort with a nice and snugging feel. It is a great relief to get a perfect form for your feet.

Impressive rebound:

The footbed and midsole have two layers of foam. The additional layer will come up with improved rebounding technology. So, you will feel less tired with this work boot. What’s more, its compression system is ideal for worksite challenges.

Improved grip:

If you work in the chemical, oil, or lubricant industry where you risk skidding and slipping, this work boot is made for you. Yes, it’s a 30% improved grip with the suede top cover. So, you will surely enjoy the better grip and tread for walking confidently on the slippery surface.

Fast-dry technology:

Do you work in high-humid conditions? If yes, the Fastdry technology of this work boot will blow your mind away with the fastest drying facility. It promises to keep your feet cool and dry them with swift breathability. So, you will never experience any discomfort.


  • Protection from electrical hazards and chemical spillage
  • Large boot opening for comfy wearing experience
  • Nice breathability with mesh textile fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant design for superior durability


  • Lacks waterproof facility

What Is The Most Comfortable Low Cut Work Boots

Fila Men's Memory Workshift-m Shoes

“Fila men’s work shoe provides you with excellent cushioning to protect from feet ache and sore. It also has a composite toe for a lightweight feel and a full range of mobility with low top design. Moreover, it promises over 300 miles of survivability from wear and tear.”

Must-Have Features To Consider Before Buying The Best Low Cut Work Boots

When you decide to get the most comfortable low cut work boot, you can go in the market and pick one blindfolded. A low top work boot must have some unique features. In the following section, we will discuss them one by one.

Shock absorbent and cushioning:

When you choose low top work boots, you aim to enjoy maximum comfort. So, the shoe must-have high-end cushioning for the midsole. Similarly, it should absorb shock and impact better as your ankle is exposed.

So, ensure that the footbed has proper cushioning. Also, it should be responsive to eliminate fatigue and stress during long working hours.

Safety toe design:

The purpose of work boots is to offer you superior safety. So, you mustn’t compromise with it. Firstly, look at its safety toe design for safety. For work boots, you will get the following safety toes:

  • Steel toe cap offers maximum protection. However, it is heavyweight and not good for workers who walk or stand a lot.
  • Alloy toe caps are lightweight and offer superior safety too. So, it can be a good deal.
  • Finally, the composite toe is suitable for premium protection. Also, it is a better deal for electrical hazard protection.

Slip and oil resistance:

The tread of the work boot must have a slip, skid, and oil-resistance feature. Usually, boots with deep lug and tread patterns offer the best slip and oil resistance. So, be aware of it. For this, you may get a rubber outsole as it offers skid resistance and durability simultaneously.

Upper design:

Work boots with a low cut design usually have athletic features for a full range of mobility. The upper could be made of leather, synthetic, Cordura, or nylon material. However, it’s not the material, but you should look at its design.

The upper should contain breathability for a drier and cooler feel. It comes with an interior lining with a moisture-wicking feature. Finally, the collar and tongue need to contain padding for comfort and stop blisters and burn. 

Insulation and waterproofing:

The boot must be waterproof to offer you great safety from water. Also, if you work outdoor, the boot should contain proper insulation. It will keep you safe from electrical hazards. Usually, a boot with felt or natural cork inside the sole offers better insulation. It is also suitable for those who work in cold outdoor situations.

Lightweight construction:

When you choose any low cut work boot, you aim to get better comfort and mobility. So, you should choose lightweight pair of a work boots. It relieves pain and also boosts your mobility. When you wear lightweight, low cut work boots, your feet, ankle, and knee won’t get stressed soon and ensure better comfort throughout the day.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I wear low cut work boots on the construction site?

Yes, you can wear the low top work boot in construction sites confidently. Make sure it has good insulation and safety features for protection. Also, it should be lightweight anti-slip.

What is the best feature of low cut work boot?

The best thing about low cut work boots is their improved comfort. As your ankle remains open, you will enjoy a full range of mobility with the low top work boots.

Is low cut work boot good for blue-collar workers?

Yes, blue-collar workers may choose the low cut work boots. The key is to find the best safety features, including a safety toe cap, waterproofing, and shock-absorbent facility for your protection.

Do low cut work boots protect my ankle?

No, these work boots will expose your ankle. So, you should be careful about your ankle when you wear low cut work boots.

Final Words

The most comfortable low cut work boots will offer you safety, comfort, and fun in the workplace. You enjoy better mobility and movement with the best low cut work boots. Also, many of these work boots are so trendy that you may wear them even casually. So, the work boots with low cut design are a great value for money for workers who want safety, comfort, and a premium feel.

We have reviewed the top ten low top work boots. So, it should be easy to choose the one that best fits your necessity. Also, the comparison chart will be useful for a quick selection if you are in a hurry.

The Comparison Chart:

Work BootSpecial FeatureKey Points
Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work ShoeRelaxed fit with memory foam for responsive footbedColor: White and black Weight: 12 ounces Toe Cap: Composite Footbed: DLS foam
Skechers for Work Men’s Felton ShoeNitrile outsole offers heat, chemical, oil and skid-resistance for safetyColor: Black Weight: 14.2 Ounces Toe Cap: Composite Footbed: Memory foam
Skechers for Work 77055 Cankton Athletic Steel Toe work sneakerIt features unisex design and also, a relax fit for everyoneColor: Black and charcoal Weight: 1 Pounds Toe Cap: Steel Footbed: Memory foam 
Timberland PRO Men’s Mudsill Steel-Toe ShoeSuspension comfort feature for maximum arch support and safetyColor: Black, blue, navy grey and grey Weight: 5 pounds Toe Cap: Steel Footbed: EVA foam
Skechers Men’s Mariner Utility BootIts gel memory foam is highly responsive and so, reduces fatigueColor: Dark brown, black and dark taupe Weight: 1.38 Pounds Toe Cap: Steel toe Footbed: Gel memory foam
KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work ShoeAsymmetrical toe cap and internal arch support Color: Black, cascade brown, forest night and rust  Weight: 1.44 Pounds Toe Cap: Steel Footbed: EVA foam
Reebok Men’s Rb4041 Sublite Work Industrial & Construction ShoeImproved cushioning and lightweight design for mobilityColor: Black Weight:  11 ounces Toe Cap: Alloy toe Footbed: Sublite foam
Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant Romeo GR500 Work BootGood Year welt construction for maximum comfort with natural footbedColor: Soggy brown Weight: 1.7 pounds Toe Cap: Steel Footbed: EVA foam
Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Oxford Alloy Toe Industrial Work ShoePatented Power Comfort ensures maximum safety and comfort Color: Black and haystack brown Weight: 1.3 Pounds Toe Cap: Alloy cap Footbed: EVA foam
Carhartt Men’s Oxford Black Steel Toe CMO3251 Industrial BootIt has 30% better grip and superior padding for skid-resistanceColor: Black Weight: 1.44 pounds Toe Cap: Steel Footbed: Advanced EVA foam

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