Why Do Work Boots Have Heels?

When you go out to a shoe store, you’ll notice that there’s one thing in common between the stilettos and logger boots- heels!

You might be surprised to notice that and then ask yourself, “Why do work boots have heels?”

While the heels of stilettos are made to add a few inches to your height so that you look great on your outfit, the heels of logger boots are there for keeping you safe in harsh environments. After all, logger boots are a special type of footwear worn by people of different professions, so they are designed with safety in mind.

If you want to know the reasons in-depth regarding the presence of heels in logger boots, keep reading!

Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels?

High heel logger boots have plenty of advantages that you’ll appreciate when you wear them in a harsh environment. Here are some of them.

Why Do Work Boots Have Heels?

Provide Elevation From The Ground

If you wear non-heeled work boots, you will find it difficult to walk properly on marshy and rough surfaces containing rocks, gravel, and logs. Therefore, a raised heel creates a distance between your feet and the ground so that your feet don’t get soaked up.

Provide Traction

Adequate traction is a must-have in work boots as you will be walking on different surfaces. The heels provide traction to help you climb trees, mountains, and sloped terrains. They dig into the surface so that your feet don’t sink into it and cause inconvenience as you make your way.

Provide Protection

Logger boots also allow you to protect yourself against injury. While the steel toes prevent impact on your toes, the heels give support so that you don’t skid on slippery surfaces.

Offer Comfort

Walking on high heel logger boots can be more comfortable than walking on flat-soled ones. Flat sole logger boots can increase the risk of injury as you make your way through the woods.

Offer Durability

High heel logger boots are more durable than flat-soled boots. That’s because when you wear high-heeled boots, you’re putting most of the weight on the heels and not the outsole. The heels are capable of taking the stress you put on them and helping you move forward.

Top 5 High Heel Work Boots

Not sure where to find the perfect high heel work boots for you? No problem!

In order to save your time searching for a pair amongst thousands of work boots, we have listed our top five picks. Be sure to check out their features before you decide on purchasing a pair.

Georgia Boot Men’s Logger Non Steel-Toe Work Boot

Georgia Boot Men's Logger Non Steel-Toe Work Boot

Georgia Boot has been a popular brand among many people, particularly in the Southeastern United States for its wide range of high-quality logging footwear.

This particular non steel-toe work boot is one of those high-quality boots you will love to wear whenever you go logging. It is constructed of full-grain leather, which is very durable and resists moisture well. The outsole is made of rubber and it resists abrasion and oil.

As for the heel, it measures only two inches and is suitable for you if you’re wearing heels for the first time.

Carhartt CML8369 Men’s Logger Boots

Carhartt CML8369 Men's Logger Boot

Carhartt has been there for over 130 years, offering a variety of high-quality products, including workwear, gear, and accessories.

The CML8369 men’s logger boot is a pair worth sharing. It is constructed of crazy horse leather, which is known to leave a patina instead of wearing out over time. There’s a membrane inside that allows breathability while resisting water to keep your feet dry.

The two-inch heel with stabilizer allows you to walk on terrains while protecting your ankle and heel against injury.

Georgia Boot Men’s Safety Toe Logger Boots

Georgia Boot Men's Safety Toe Logger Boots

This is another pair of logger boots you can take a look at by Georgia Boot. It is made of full-grain leather that prevents water from getting inside and making you feel uncomfortable.

Not only that, but the steel toe protects your feet against impact as you make your way through the woods.

While the rubber outsole prevents you from slipping, the heel provides adequate traction.

Ad Tec Men’s Logger Boots

Ad Tec Men's Logger Boots

Ad Tec is another great footwear manufacturer that delivers heavy-duty work boots suitable for any environment.

This pair of men’s 9-inch logger boots is designed to give you what you need. It is made of crazy horse leather which ensures comfort and resists tearing. The membrane equipped inside the boot keeps your feet dry in wet conditions, and the Thinsulate ensures your feet remain insulated in cold weather.

By wearing these boots, you will be able to climb up ladders or walk on rocky surfaces easily because the heels measure two inches.

Chippewa 73101 Men’s Lace-To-Toe Logger Boots

Chippewa Lace-To-Toe Logger Boots

Chippewa is a reliable brand when it comes to choosing work boots. The brand manufactures footwear with high-quality materials both in the US and China.

The 73191 men’s lace-to-toe logger boot is made of leather with a waterproof membrane for keeping your feet dry. The membrane also allows the passage of air for comfort. While the removable insole provides adequate cushioning and support to your feet, the rubber outsole ensures safety.


So, why do work boots have heels?

They are there to keep your feet firm on the ground regardless of it being slippery or unpaved. Regular work boots aren’t enough for the job because they don’t provide enough traction wherever needed. So if your work involves additional support for your feet, you can consider buying yourself a pair of high-heeled logger boots.

An important thing to note, whichever logger boots you pick, make sure they fit and that you’re able to walk comfortably in it!

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